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Advice on multiple devices into one socket please.

Discussion in 'Cables & Switches' started by ian1969uk, Sep 4, 2005.

  1. ian1969uk


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    I have a Philips 37PF5520D which has a DVI-I socket on the back. As some will know, this socket is also used to input component/VGA/HDMI through adapters.

    I currently have my Toshiba DVD recorder hooked up to this socket with a component to VGA cable plugged into a VGA to DVI adapter, then into the DVI-I socket on the TV. Both of these leads/adapters came with the TV.

    Now, at some point in the future, I'll want to connect other devices through this socket as well to take advantage of HD stuff. This will first be an issue in November when I get an XBox 360. That comes complete with a HD component cable, but a HD VGA lead is also available for it.

    Bearing in mind the future need for HD input for PS3 and HD TV, and possibly HD DVD, can anyone think of the road I should be going down? My first thought was some kind of VGA switcher. I could then plug the output lead from this into my VGA to DVI adapter, and that would go into the TV. The component to VGA cable from my DVD recorder would go into one of the inputs, with an XBox 360 HD VGA lead going into another. If I could get a 4 input switcher of some sort, that would leave spare VGA slots for PS3 and HD TV. I assume some kind of lead/adapter will be available for both of these to enable them to go into the VGA switcher.

    Am I on the right lines do you think or am I missing something? Any advice on the best way to go would be most appreciated. Any links to VGA switchers or other relevant equipment would also be great.

    One last thing. VGA doesn't carry audio does it? So any switcher would also need to be able to take multiple audio sources and have one audio output to go into my TV.

    Thanks for reading this long post!!

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