Advice on Motion Blurr on 37PX60 Plasma


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Hi Guys,

I bought the Panasonic 37PX60 Plasma last weekend (for £577, including the cabinet from Currys), upgrading from my JVC 28" CRT in the lounge. I am currently watching the 37PX60 from around 9 - 10ft away.

Everybody thinks the tv is great and has a stunning picture - however I myself notice the motion behaviour/ blur on the set. I have Sky + SD mainly for viewing, and I was wondering if you could advise me on the following:

a) My mate (who's an independent aerial/ sky installer) told me that he took around 3 months to get used to his 42" plasma as he thought the same as me - is it a case that I'll eventually get used to the picture like this?

b) Would it make sense for me to upgrade to Sky HD, to get the full benefit from the set (also, will SD pictures from a Sky HD box look better than the SD material coming out of my Sky+ box?)

I'm just a bit worried about the purchase I made, but I just could not refuse the amazing deal I had for £577 last weekend.

Should I stick with the set and give it time to get used to it?

Any advice would be a great help,



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I can't say I particularly notice motion blur, what exactly does it look like? double image? smearing?

On b; SD out of the SkyHD box isn't very different, maybe marginally better over HDMI than SCART. I assume you've got your box set to RGB if you've got a friend who's an installer? HD on the other hand is fantastic.

and 577 is a superb price.


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Its noticable and like your friend said its something i try not to look for. Its the same as the green smearing people talk about which most plasmas have an issue with wheneevr there is something fast moving on the screen it basically cant keep up and it "smears" and has green qwill bug you if you look out for it but ive learnt its a trade off and now it doesnt bother me anymore.

Its still noticable even on hd material the 360 when playing a game in 720p still does it if you pan accross the screen quickly.

Messing with the settings can clear this up a bit but this isnt something with purely just your screen has its most flat panels lcd and plasma.


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Hi Guys,

Many thanks for your help with this - I'm in 2 minds whether to keep the set or not and return it to Currys.

What would you guys advise - keep the set and eventually I'll get used to it?

Cheers & Thanks again,



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This really bugged me on my 42PX60, it seemed that all slow ot medium pans were very juddery, this was especially noticeable on vertical lines.

I think there are three causes:

1) Most (all?) SD material is interlaced and when the processor in the tv upconverts it to HD and progressive you get motion artifacts. If you go and read some posts on the processor area of this forum you will see that you can spend alot of money on a box of tricks to improve this, but it costs far more than the tv!

2) Most content is running at 24/25fps and this just isnt enough on fast moving scenes. Now on a small display the effect is not as noticeable (it is if you go back now and really look for it), but on a large display it is a lot more moticeable. Next time you go to the cinema, check out the vertical lines on pans, you will notice it juddering.

3) You have just spent a lot of money on a new toy, therefore you are being supercritical. Now I have had mine for a few months and it is becoming 'just a tv' I tend to just watch tv and don't notice any of the problmes I used to notice!

Of course it is up to you if you want to return it, but Im not sure what else there is in that price brakcet that will give a better smoother picture.

Oh yeah, turn sharpness down to 0 or one click up, I found this really helped with how smooth the picture appeared especially when watching football. At first a still image seems more blurry but when you get used to it, it is an improvement, imo of course.


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Try turning all 'special' processing off on the TV and then re-introduce only that which you can see makes a difference to your eyes. I'm talking about all the stuff the set has to find time to do for each frame, so that includes 'cinema' type processing, contrast enhancements, colour transient improvements, sharpness and so on. With my Pioneer, although I didn't have any problems of the sort you've described, I currently have NONE of the 'enhancement' settings turned on and it looks terrific.

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