Advice on making a subwoofer interconnect?


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Feb 18, 2002
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I've just acquired a Rel Storm Mk1 (cheers Flimber) and need to manufacture a new cable to connect it into the amp. This is going to be for the low level input on the Rel. The amp has a single phono socket pre-out for the LFE channel.

I have seen a previous thread on this subject but for the life of me I cannot find it again on the search tool.

How should I be attaching the phono cable end to the XLR male plug that connects to the sub? I have got a 5 metre phono to phono cable coming in the post and my intentoin is to chop off one RCA plug and attach the XLR male plug instead.

I don't understand the concept about balanced and unbalanced connections so if anyone can shed some light on this it would be great also!

Many Thanks,

I think if you search for items written by Jase you will find the thread you are looking for.

When you have made the connection can you let me know how you did it and if it works.

I've got a MK1 storm and have the same problem as you.


Hi again.

The thread you are looking for is titled PLEASE HELP REL Storm connection problem. It is dated 12th August and was raised by SilverPenguin7.

Good luck.

I have just dug out an old REL storm panel to aquaint myself with the front panel wiring and your lead will need to be wired thus:-

Get a good quality microphone cable this will have two inner conductors and a screen. wire one conductor to pin 1 and the other to pin 2 of the XLR, then wire the screen to pin 3 . At the other end join the two conductor together then solder them to the centre pin of the phono, wire the screen to the case of the phono on the lug provided. Hey presto xlr to phono lead.

Balanced inputs are normally used in the professional industry for long cable runs. Basically any interference on the cable be it hum or whatever, will affect the two inputs the + and the - input in exactly the same manner. So if the + input has 100mV Noise then the - input will have 100mV (-100mV + +100mv = zero) efectively canceling the noise.)

Um clear as mud hey,.

Hopefully the lead will turn out better than my balanced input explaination.

Good luck
Thanks for the responses. Basically, I just need to wire pins 1 and 2 on the XLR to the central core of the phono and attach the cable screening to the casing of the phono and pin 3 of the XLR plug. This will make the cable unbalanced, correct?

Cheers, Phil.
The information I gave you was for making a lead for the low level input. If you want to use the balanced input you have to short pins 1 and 3 together and wire the screen to them, then feed the signal to pin 2. Maplins do an XLR to phono adaptor that does this, then you only need a phono to phono lead.
Thanks Dan. At present I am only hooking it up to the low-level input so the unbalanced connection is fine.


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