Advice on linking up a PC to my LCD please.


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Hi can someone advise me on what is needed specification wise on a PC to hook up to my LG 32lxr2. I am looking to go out and buy a base unit only, can I buy any PC from the shelf or will it need certain devices for it all to work?


Well, i have taken a quick look at the specs of your LCD and it has both DVI and HDMI, you will be unlikely to find a pc with HDMI so look for a pc that has a DVI connection. It also has a native 16:9 reolution so you should be fine on that front, it's probably worth checking that the adapter supports 1366x768 so you can get 1to1 pixel mapping. I believe the gforce 6600 series does.

Also probably worth picking up a decent DVI cable whilst your out, just make sure it carries DVI-D, most do.

Hope that helps



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Very helpfull of you gazza, I will print this off and take it to the shops with me as this is all very new to me and over my head! TV's were simple inventions until I browsed these forums lol! :smashin:


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I visited PC World at the weekend and found it difficult to find PCs with DVI outputs. They are definitely available of the shelf although at a cost. Is it possible to link up some other way apart from DVI? This would bring the cost down to a level I am prepared to pay. Baring in mind all I will be using it for is internet access and music so movie quality wont be necessary.

Thanks in advance Richie.

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You should be able to get a VGA to DVI adapter dongle. Or VGA to DVI cable.

If your TV has a standard VGA socket, though, a standard VGA cable will do just as well.

I'm not even sure there is an advantage to be had with DVI - maybe one of the techies that specialise in this area can advise.

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DVI is preferable as it is a pure digital connection, VGA is analogue, the picture via DVI should be sharper.
You can always add a budget graphics card with DVI for around £50.

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