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I'm considering buying an LCD TV for my bedroom - ideally 15-17" screen. I must confess I haven't really looked into this a great deal yet - anyone have any recommendations? What kind of price am I looking at?
I know it's slightly bigger than specified but I've just got a Sharp LC22SV2E LCD for the bedroom and it's great (once the picture settings are correctly setup).
I paid £940 including delivery and a three year warranty from Shop at Digital about three weeks ago. Have a look at the following link for more info

This makes it the best value for money 22" LCD by quite some margin and well worth considering.
I bought a JVC 17" Widescreen last week, £567 and it a perfect size for a bedroom and top notch kit... there are a few reviews of it around recently.

Highly recommended.

You can buy the infamous Relisys one for around £400, which is supposed to be ok too....
The Relisys 17" model is perfectly watchable, we have one for our kitchen but it's been in constant use in the lounge for the last week whilst we are waiting for the plasma to be delivered. The component dvd inputs on the back coupled with my Tosh dvd make it very watchable and the sound is fairly good quality too, especially for the price!!

What is the 17" JVC on pic quality, do you have any links for the reviews.
The even more infamous Dabsvalue 18.1" TFT monitor is still a great deal, although they seem to be having some supply problems, and you do have to buy the tuner and remote separately.

I may even get around to putting mine on the wall soon! LOL
Does these lcd tv,s run off 12 volts as i would like to use in a motorhome as well as the kitchen on the mains
Relysis 17" is good value for money and watchable from the bed no problem.
That has probably put the kiss of death onto it!

Originally posted by hornydragon
My vote goes for the 17" JVC lovely TV with a full complement of inputs remote control etc

Apart from Component, which irritated me :mad:

Other than that, its stunning... looks gorgeous too!

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