Advice on JBL L830 Studio Series speakers


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Just got Teac DR-H300-DAB system I was thinking off getting JBL L830 speakers from Rebelio for £139 + del just wondering what you guys thought about the speakers



Moderator's I did post in the Speaker forum did not get a reply sorry if got it wrong :suicide:

Cable Monkey

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They are a horrible mis-match and will probably blow the DR-H300 up. Their minimum input power is 75 watts and they can be fed by up to 300 watts. The DR-H300 outputs around 50 watts into 6 ohms (less into 8). This amp will almost certainly clip when turned up and that will in turn probably blow something up. While I can see the attraction of those speakers at that price they are not the right ones for this job.

I would suggest looking at Q Acoustics 1010 or 1020 speakers available from places like superfi, within your budget and near enough a perfect match for your Teac.


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Thanks for your response Cable Monkey :smashin: it will look in to then


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