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Steven S

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Hello All

Its been a while since I posted my last thread or even post for that matter but I am looking for any advice/discussion on where to go next or something I can improve in my current setup.

My room size is roughly 4m x 5m (13ft x 16ft) with my TV (55" 4k none HDR curved Samsung) against the longer 5m wall so seats are 4m away due to the layout.

I have the following currently in a 5.1.4 setup (I can do 7.1.4 if I plug in the other Ikon speakers, more on that below), bit of Dali house:

Yamaha 3040 Receiver (11 channel, 9 channel amp)
Dali Rubicon 6 front floor standing speakers (38-34000 Frequency Range, 4 ohms)
Dali Ikon Vokal 2 mk 2 (47-30000 Frequency Range, 4 ohms)
Dali Ikon 2 Mk2 Rear Speakers x4 (41-3000 Frequency Range, 6 ohms) <--only 2 connected atm as rears
Dali Ikon Sub Mk2 (26-100 Frequency Range)
Dali Alteco C-1 x 4 as Front/Rear Presence (sitting on top of the Rubicon and Ikons as up-firing) - (74-25000 Frequency Range, 6 ohms)

The Alteco's are a recent purchase, 1 day so still not fully tested these yet.

All speakers defined as small, cross over for Rubicon Vokal and Ikon mk2 is 60hz, 90hz for Alteco.

I am not saying I am disappointing or unhappy but just wanted to get peoples opinions (I appreciate the sound is subjective to everyone and other peoples personal taste is exactly that) on what I can do to move things to the next level.

For example, I am not sure if I am getting everything I can from my existing setup, is my receiver potentially under powered by driving all these speakers so adding external amplification will improve things? should I look to switch the receiver out (it doesn't support HDR or true 4k but nor does my TV yet but the TV will change at some point) or am I overlooking something more obvious.

I am in no way an audio expert, I actually have a very basic understanding of these things but a keen learner. I don't have a budget as such until I know what I might need to buy then I can set a budget for that. Mainly used for TV and Movies very little music and I like the immersive surround sound (where content supports it).

Thanks in advance!


Joe Fernand

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Thread - have tagged a Mod, hopefully they will be along soon to move it :)

Improvements - that is a lot of kit and getting the most out of it will take some time and an understating that your room is the key factor here, not adding more or different kit.

How optimised is the room, the room layout and what scope do you have for making physical changes to the room (acoustic treatments) or physical placement of kit?


Steven S

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Hi Joe

Its not a dedicated room it is our main living space so the other half wont be overly happy for me to start putting things on the wall etc (as already having large speakers).

I have attached a rough not to scale diagram of the layout and the current position of things, the Alteco's sit on top of the Rubicons and Ikons at present, I can move the sub around if required and space out the Rubicons etc.

AS mentioned I do have 2 more Ikons I can position but woudl need a new receiver or additional amplification



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