Advice on how to wire 6 ceiling speakers to one amplfier


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I currently have 4 ceiling speakers installed in my living room which are wired back to a Sonos Connect amp. The speakers are Revel 783s which are 8 ohm impedance.

The living room is fairly large and has high ceilings (measures about 11m x 7m x 3m) and whilst the current amp and speakers do a reasonable job (I also have a Sonos sub in the room) I would like to add another pair of speakers and upgrade the Connect Amp to the new Amp which is more powerful and I believe can handle running 6 speakers simultaneously.

Currently all four speakers are wired individually back to the connect amp so there are effectively 4 pairs of speaker wire going into the binding posts of the amp. The speakers are installed towards the four corners of the room (the front two are a pair and the rear two another pair). I would like to add another pair in between the existing speakers but dont have the luxury of wiring them back to the amplifier so I need to chain them off the existing speakers. Can someone please advise the options to do this and what you would recommend?

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The current layout is like in this picture. I would like to add two speakers in the middle of the room along the same plane as the current ones

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SONOS show how to connect Six (same impedance) speakers in Parallel (all home run) to an Amp but no mention of how to wire in ‘Series’ (daisy chain).


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