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Question Advice on home setup


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Hi everyone,

I'm about to move into a new home and I was hoping for some expert advice on how I should setup my surround sound, speakers and TV as I'm not the professional.

To give you some insight into my room I have added an image here:

Lounge Setup.png

Details on my current equipment:
  • The TV stand is about 800cm off the ground and contains my TV (55 inch Samsun LED), AV Receiver (Onkyo 606), games consoles and Apple TV.
  • The blue wall is actually glass sliding doors which can open all the way up. I mention this because I know audio bounces of walls and so I figure this is critical to a good audio setup.
  • My speakers I currently own are Tannoy 5.1 FX speakers. They're small little ones but the sound is really good and I'm reluctant to change without true need to. Normally I have the two at the back and then I have the three at the front, with the sub woofer also being in the front.
  • The glass wall on the left is about 5.8 meters
  • The distance between the 'in ceiling' speaker points is about 4 metres (these are new 'holes' and have nothing added yet)
Now for the technical advice I have received, and which has caused confusion:
  • We're moving into the house and on going to buy in ceiling speakers (B&W in ceiling) I was told that I shouldn't add two front ceiling speakers as this wouldn't be as good as front facing speakers. I was advised to just cover up these ceiling holes.
  • I then spoke to the person installing the wiring and he disagreed and said that they would sound fine. He recommended the B&W CCM362 speakers and said they can be angled a bit inside the unit, which will sound great. He then said that I could even keep the current front ones and make it 7.1 surround instead of 5.1, and use the front ceiling almost as side speakers.

So thats a lot of detail but I thought I would share the exact setup as that would help the advice that I get. Can anyone advise me on what I should do here? Should I for for 4 ceiling speakers or just 2?

Also, for the speakers, I was told B&W CCM362 or else B&W CCM663 - is there a massive quality difference that would justify the increased costs? I need to costs down so am being cautious.

Thanks in advance for any help!


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Not an expert or professional, but I would avoid ceiling speakers (unless for atmos), and definitely not for fronts. What is your budget? As I think your Onkyo 606 receiver could handle much better speakers than the Tannoys. And what is the dimensions of that room?

If I were to buy non-traditional size speakers for that AVR, then I would go for the KEF E305 or the Q Acoustics 300 or 7000i. They look like they could fit in behind the sofa, unless it was right up against the sliding door. Or you could go traditional size speakers at the front, and small speakers (same brand) at the back. Something in the £700-£1k range.

Joe Fernand

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So much glass means the big light bulb in the sky is going to cause you no end of problems with your TV - not to mention all that glass is going to be mighty reflective in audio terms.

Is this the best room/space in the house to set up your TV?


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