Advice on Home Cinema purchase please


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Hi, looking to replace Sony DAV-DZ111 all in one system with a new system of separates, including a blu-ray player.

My budget is £500-£650. I'm a newbie in this regard.

Front room is approx 4 sq metres and system will be connected to Sky HD - possible console in the not to distant future as we have a 2 year old daughter.

Will mainly be used for Sky HD, Disney films, music via Sky HD.

Would like wi-fi connection for laptop and/or i-pod docking station.

Any advice gratefully received.


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Your budget is going to be tight. The bluray player will soak up £100 or so from your budget.

WiFi (networking) is usually only found on higher end AV Receivers but there are a number of budget receivers with ipod connections. Ideally look for a digital input to maintain the audio quality and avoid using the poor digital to analogue conversion found in the iPod. This feature is found on the likes of the Pioneer VSX-820.

There are cheaper options i.e. adding a standard ipod dock to a budget AV Receiver but this isn't as good quality as using a digital connection. All the main AV Receiver manufacturers make optional ipod docks. The best ipod dock is probably the Onkyo ND-S1. It really depends on your budget and if you think it's acceptable to spend the extra on compressed audio. There are other methods of connecting ipods, the cheapest is a 3.5mm to phono cable from the headphone output. Russ Andrews make the GQ-24 cable, which some ipod users are pretty happy with.

Whatever AV Receiver you go for, make sure it has sufficient inputs for your current needs. If you want to use a single HDMI cable to the TV from all sources inc. non HDMI sources, you will need a receiver with upconversion (aka video conversion). This would be handy if your proposed games console was the Nintendo wii which either uses composite video (free with the wii/poor quality) or component video (optional/best video quality from wii) but you can obviously connect it direct to the TV.

The Q-Acoustics 1010i speaker package is still available for about £250 at Richer Sounds which are good quality, excellent value and will suit pretty much any receiver. They won't be around for long as stocks are low.


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Hmm - well guess I won't be the first to increase my budget :laugh:

Looking through the reviews....

Sony BDPS 570 bluray player
Sony STR-DH10 receiver
Q Acoustics 1010i speaker package

This would put me at about £750 but would I also need to spend much more on cables?

Any suitable alternatives to these?

Wifi would be nice to have but how much more would we be talking?

Thanks for the response so far davepuma


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Is that the STR-DH810?

Cables needn't cost the earth.

Networking on a receiver is usually found on more expensive receivers and you're limited to music.


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Yes, sorry - the STR-DH810.

If 3D is not important to you id strongly recommend the Sony STRDA2400ES over the 810 which can be had for £250 online. Superior amp imho.

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