Advice on headphones sub £50ish for electronic drum kit playing

Dan Drake

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As the title says I need help deciding what over ear headphones to get for playing my electronic drum kit.
I'm hoping there will be a decent set for £10 to £50 out there as I don't need absolutely amazing headphones just a pair that will help block out external noise, sound good and look decent.

Il be hooking up my drum kit to my pc and will use the front port (HD) headphone jack for the headphones (so may need a longish cable - or maybe I could get some sort of extension lead donno if this effects sound quality?).

I use a ATI HD5670 via HDMI to my sound system (Onkyo HTX-22HD). And I guess the front panel headphone jack will be driven from the onboard realtek HD sound card.

I'd also want to use the headphones with an mp3 player when travelling etc.

So overall I would like the best bang for buck headphones that can deal with the above and any advice / suggestions will be much appreciated - especially links to any bargains any one knows of :D.


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The Sennheiser HD201's offer a lot for their small price, only £12.99 but unlike some cheapo headphones they sound respectable for their price.

Dan Drake

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I had a listen to the HD 201's and tbh the sound quality wasnt great and they really didn't clasp to my ears very well so didnt do anything for blocking out external sound.

Compared to the HD 205-II they sounded very poor and were uncomfortable.

Any recommendations for slightly more expensive headphones?

I'm thinking between £25 - £50. I like the look of the goldring NS1000's but I don't know whether its worth spending that much on a pair of headphones especially as I will also have to buy an extension cable as they only come with a 1m cable.

Also not sure if they will sound good with using onboard realtek HD headphone jack or whether they would do much for cancelling out drum pad noise.

Any recommendations would be great as I'm really starting to get confused with all the different headphones out there in this bracket.


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Try out a set of Sennheiser HD202 headphones. They are low impedance and quite sensitive so, you should also be able to drive them with portable gear. The bass is fairly taught and they tend to boost drum sounds. Sennheiser provide a very long cable and a free headphone adaptor. They are very good for the price and look stylish. Make sure you try them on before you buy a set though as the ear cups will not go over very large ears.

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