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Advice on HDMI requirements for New LCD



Dear All,

I am new to this - so please forgive me for any incorrect procedures, rules, etc that I may make. Any advice will be much appreciated.:thumbsup:

I have been looking at various LCD screens as an investment mainly for the World Cup coming up - but also for the kids to watch DVD's. I have a million question's to ask but will try and limit it!

I am border line in size between 32"=comfortable in the room ; 37=slighlty to big. According to the missus :thumbsdow she reckons 32. Anyway I digress, I had looked at the Panny 32LXD52, with one HDMI, but the new models (which I don't like as much have 2 HMDI - LXD60 model).

My main use will be an HD input from Telewest when it arrives and a DVD recorder. No games consoles in use. Do you guys reckon 1 HDMI will be enough? I thought that my DVD could go through RGB Scart and this would be sufficent quality for me/wife/kids. The telewest could then use the single HDMI.

However, do you reckon I would be able to record HD from Telewest (not sure of the HDCP implications), or will I need a recorder with HDMI????.

Very ignorant,stupid,etc so-sorry. I have read lots of mags and threads, but can't quite decide if 1 HDMI is enough and can I record High-Def.

Cheers and thanks to all who post.



Active Member
You're quite right - 1 HDMI will do for now.

However, a TV is a major purchase and you'll expect it to last quite some time. In future there will be High-def DVD and who knows what else - most new stuff will need an HDMI input. With this in mind I'd go for a set with as many HDMI inputs as possible.

There are no HD recorders at the moment, but when they do come along you can probably guess what interface they'll use!


Cheers for that TM.

The Panny I really liked only has 1 HDMI so that is why I have been so unsure. Not sure what other good LCD's are on the market, but a lot of them only have 1 HDMI.

Do you think we will be able to record High-Def from the providers??? or is HDCP all about stopping actual recording. A guy in one shop reckons the quality is so good to record we may never buy DVD's again and hence the HDCP.

I had hope that buying a recorder at present may be good enough in quality as it is anyway. We don't actually record a lot in our house.

Anyway I will ponder longer.:rolleyes:



My guess is recording won't be allowed. As for inputs depending on what your system..

Sky- HDMI with HDCP
DVD/HD Recorder- HDMI with HDCP, or HDCP "cracked" ;-)
Console - HDMI

So it looks like require a AV amp with HDMI and/or DVI switching, or a HDMI switcher (a quick google search pops up a 2 way HDMI for $200, 4 way $400)

Apart from built in DVB and 2+ HDMI inputs the LG 32LX2R set seemed ok with 1:1 pixel mapping.

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