Advice on HDMI over CAT 5e


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Current setup;

x2 CAT 5e cable runs to each TV (longest 15m, all terminated at rj 45 faceplate behind tv)
x3 HDMI cables to main TV
x3 aerial coax (one to each TV)
sony strdn1050 amp (and old popcorn hour PCH 110 media player)
all housed in cupboard under stairs


4k Media player (looking at ZAPPITI ONE SE 4K HDR - seems to do what I want)
4K media streamed to the main TV, happy to have 1080p to the other 2

is this achievable over cat 5 - can someone recommend a device to do this ? (read various things about needing 2 cat5s etc, now confused, wanted to keep one for tv)
will I be able to send 4k over the 20m hdmi cable runs ?
RF modulator to send the media from the zappiti to the other tvs?

Any advice and pointers welcome - I have been reading but am a bit confused now.

Joe Fernand

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Everything is possible :)

HDMI Extenders - most designs, other than the latest built with HDBT 3.0 tech, have to apply some form of compression to a 4K UHD signal and some of the latest video formats have little or no support so you have to choose where and how you utilise extenders.

Most, if not all, Extenders released in the last four year’s will only require a single CAT cable between the Transmitter (Tx) and the Receiver (RX).

HDMI Cables - you would want to use Fibre or Hybrid Fibre if you want to support the latest formats, we are having great results with the New 20m and 10m Fibre cable from HDFury.

HDMI Distribution - HDFury are our preferred option where you wish to share 4K UHD sources with 4K and HD Displays, though you also now have to factor in formats such as HDR in addition to resolution, frame rate and HDCP versions.

You may find it is more cost effective/practical to have your Primary Source(s) connected to the 4K (presumably HDR) Display plus a different Source(s) via an HD ‘splitter/extender system’ to the HD Displays.

Audio - you don’t mention if it is stereo to all zones or if you require support for 5.1 etc



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Thanks Joe, wish I'd found that HDMI fury cable before Id installed the standard HDMI cables. unfortunately too late was my cry, new floor down in main viewing room (yes hdr) and plaster work done.

I came to all the AV stuff in the middle of a rewire and was making decisions shotgun style so trying to recover what I can.

The 20m cables were tested last night with 1080p compressed video from media player (old pch110) and it worked though not checked the bit rate...but its the 4k hdr to the primary that I need/want (but needs to be from a remote location for aesthetics, hence the 20m hdmi). the others are nice to have.

(just stereo for me in main room - having said the above I listen to more music than watch tv)

Ill look at the fury devices, thanks for the pointers.

Joe Fernand

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4K UHD with HDR is very unlikely over the 20m copper HDMI cable - you can try but I would be very surprised if it works.

Drop me a note if you want info on a suitable 4K UHD Extender set to run over your CAT cable and any questions re the HDFury kit please shout, they can be confusing with the many features and permutations they offer.

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Sorry to resurrect this thread but looking for advice please..
I’m currently installing a projector and screen set up in my games room, we have run two cat5e cables between the projector and where the tv/av receiver will be set up, roughly 10mtrs - what’s the best cat5e to HDMI converter for the job ?
Is there a specific unit required to ensure the Dolby atoms set up works ?
Looking at running something like an Epson TW7400, I’ve already installed a Grandview Cyber series screen...


Joe Fernand

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You send Video from an AVR to a Projector - the audio you send from your Source(s) to the AVR are not really relevant once the AVR intercepts the audio signal.

Whilst you can run 4K UHD with HDR over a suitable CAT6 cable if you still have the option to run an additional cable a 10m Fibre HDMI would be a simpler option at this time.



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