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Nov 24, 2003
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Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Thought I would canvas opion on the best hard disk music system to get.

I have about 700 CD's + another 500 tapes/LPS that I want to burn onto a hard disk music server. I have a Denon AVR2803 amp which I would hook it all up to.

Ideally I would like a system to match my Denon Amp and the DVD/CD player (DVD2900), which are both in gold.

Hi Gordon....this is going to depend on your budget....there are a few HDD based music servers on the market,with companies like Yamaha,Marantz,and in the upper price range,Linn producing suitable gear.

Another way is to use a PC as your music server,using it's HDD as storage,and the sound card as your digital I/O,which would enable you to archive your record collection as well.
There's a good range of true hifi grade digital sound cards,of which the RME and Lynx are good examples.

This is the solution I've been using for a while now,with a UVEM HCPC.

Using a PC can be a very cost effective method,and allows DVD playback also.....if you're interested,it's worth having a look in the Pc section of the forum,and maybe posting there as well.
Sony HARLH500 less than £400 Holds 125hrs of uncompressed or 1250hrs Compressed into ATRAC3 (Minidisc) quality. Simple unit and good for the money.
Yamaha CDRHD1300 £600 Holds 125hrs uncompressed, don't think you can compress, but you can change the HDD up to 137GB with any standard IDE HDD. Much better built and includes a CD recorder for creating discs from the tracks on the HDD. I won't explain in full check out their website cause it is quite good.
I will stop at that price point cause i've never played witha ny others myself.

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