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    Hi guys, first post so please be gentle

    I'm moving into my first place soon and will want to sort out a neat tv/av unit arrangement. The living room isnt the widest so i want to keep units to a minimum.

    I'll be fixing a 47" tv to the wall but want some kind of unit to sit underneath it, floating if possible.

    The image attached 'Hack Finished' i found on ikea hackers and fancy something similar without the hassle of building it.

    The other image i found on here and like the dwell floating shelf but im not sure if it will be high enough to house the sky box, ps3 etc. i dont like the floating shelf so much - can this be removed?

    Any other ideas where i can get something like this?

    One more thing - the wall i want to install on i think is stud partition. Will this be a problem in fixing a floating unit to?

    Thanks for any help in advance


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