Advice on fixing a false wall

Hi all,

I'm planning to build a false wall in a few weeks to hopefully house an 85" with some speakers L/R/C.

It was supposed to be going on the opposite wall to the one you see but the wife has said she would prefer it on the wall in the picture below. I've made a little hole in the wall and behind it is a metal frame (no wooden studs) and breeze block rather than plasterboard which tells me it was put in when the house was built. I'd like to mount the TV to that main central wall but its going to need widening which is fine as you can see 2 decent gaps either side of the chimney breast.

My question to you is, how would you approach this? would you building a frame around that using the 2 gaps either side and battening across or would you take the false chimney breast out and start again? Only issue i have with this is potentially uncovering more work involving coving, plastering etc.

Any ideas or help would be great.

I've attached a picture and also a mock one with lines which is what i had in my mind to do in terms of framing either side then running it across the front? I've never done this before so by all means tell me if its nonsense




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Regardless of which option you decide on, you're going to have to replace the coving on the new walls. I'd start by confirming the style is still readily available before starting to rip anything out and finding it's obsolete.

Personally, I'd then remove the false chimney breast and start again. You'll need to add suitable additional supports / noggings / plates for the speaker and TV mounting etc which the existing chimney won't have and you'll probably spend longer trying to adapt rather than starting afresh. Also you'll struggle to get clean, smooth lines from the chimney to each wall.

I'm just in the process of fitting a false wall in our living room - only previously used timber for studwork, but after seeing how quickly an office at work was erected using steel, thought I'd give it a go. Much cheaper, clean and easy to cut, the basic channel and studs were all fitted in an evening (its just a straight 4m wall). I've since spent several days adding additional timber for the sockets / av plates / TV bracket supports etc...Next time I'll go back to using timber.

Best option would be to speak to some plasterers after you've firmed up your specification and drawings.
I was going to build around the coving but remove a section so I was able to get the timbers flush against the side walls. The only reason for not removing chimney breast and coving would be the mess and potential problems I could then face which would involve money of course as I have no idea how long the coving's been up nor how easy it would come off.

I've done a drawing but not completed it yet, the red lines are where I plan to place timbers but with this being a first stud wall project I'm open to advice. They are 400mm apart and will have noggins, do i need to place noggins above also?


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