Advice on fireplace TV mount please!


Hi guys, been a while since I've been on here, but I have a new dilemma! First time mounting a TV to the wall.

Now, I probably should have taken photos, but I'm not at home right now so MS Paint is the best I have! My fireplace is a bit of a weird shape at the top, and I am looking for my TV to simply hide the diagonal bits behind it. The issue is I don't know if the TV will be able to be mounted low enough, as the TV I'm looking at has quite low mounting points...


If I mount with a traditional mount, I guess I'm looking at the setup on the left...

Alternatively there's these sort of mounts... Fixed TV Bracket

Which is illustrated on the right, where I should be able to go lower (my preference anyway) my concern there is that the bottom of the bracket attached to the TV is just going to be floating in mid-air. Would that cause an issue to stability?

TV on wall.png

Also not wondering if it actually needs to touch against the wall, such as this small padding here?

I should point out, in case it's not obvious, the fireplace is blocked and will never be used. Will have shelving and soundbar inside it.

Appreciate any input!



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It's hard to say for sure without seeing the bracket and set-up but if the lower part of that bracket strut you pictured does need to rest against something, you could easily put a wooden baton across the width of the fireplace at the same height for any needed support. It would be well-hidden behind the TV.


That's a very good idea! I'm actually getting a custom made shelf below, and two cupboards into my alcoves so I could incorporate what you mentioned into that too...

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