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Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by supermonkey, Aug 12, 2004.

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    Hi there again,

    I already have a thread going regarding my Hitachi 42PMA 500e and a problem with a vertical bar two-thirds down the screen. As I had the opportunity to browse this forum again I came across this post Click here as I have an identical problem on this model.
    Initially when I bought the screen everything was fine, shortly after the buzzing started. I posted a thread in this forum back in Feb/March but there wasn't enough feedback to make me think there was a problem. I assumed the initial excitement was over and I was simply starting to look for niggly bits to justify the great price on the screen :) However after reading the link above I may want to pursue the matter further.

    Can anyone recommend how I should approach this, i.e. whether it makes sense to get the reseller involved although I never logged the buzzing problem with them? Should I log it with the repair centre now so that the Hitachi engineer can fix both problems? What are my consumer rights are if there are two problems, although the buzzing may be deemed as standard by Hitachi :) Should I go directly to Hitachi? I'm actually very happy with the screen but my confidence is slightly shaken here and I really don't want major repairs coming towards me out of warranty!


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