Advice on combining digital music library with a streaming service


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Hi all: I need some advice. I'm brand new to these forums.
I currently have a digitized music library of my wife's and my music collected over many years on a QNAP NAS. I've carefully organized it and play it over a HEOS sound system and it works really well. Away from the HEOS, (at my computer, or on the road) I use Emby to access that music library.

However, up until recently, I was purchasing any new music we wanted via Google Play Music. That worked really well for a couple of reasons. It was an easy to use interface, the file formats were mp3 (not Apple's m4a) and they basically had every album I ever wanted to buy. I would buy an album, download it and quickly put it on the NAS and it would work fine. To date we have resisted the trend to subscriptions for several reasons.
However, Google PLay Music is no more and I can see the writing on the wall that it's going to be harder than ever to actually buy digital music. I know about 7digital, bandcamp and emusic, but honestly, their catalogues are severely limited.

So, I'm coming around to the idea that I will have to sign up with a streaming service in order to get new music, easily. My preference would be Tidal, but I am open to Spotify. But my question is: how do I combine my *existing* music library with *new* music from Tidal in an effective way? It works OK on HEOS, I can select music from my old library easily and then add new music from tidal by switching music sources to create one playlist, pretty easily. but what about accessing music when mobile? Do I just have to switch between the two?

Is there any kind of way to combine these two things? Does any one have any general advice about this type of problem? Am I right to be kind of annoyed that Big Music is headed this way?

I should conclude by saying my wife and I have a strong emotional connection to our old music library. Just the other night we had a date night where we spent just scrolling through all our old collected songs picking out music, playing, "remember when..." It was awesome and I worry about losing that.
Thank you.


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Plex is your friend as you can also integrate Tidal into Plex and have a combined music library.

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