Advice on centre speaker/sub/rears etc - 5.1 system


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Hi guys (and girls). I'm after some advice on what speakers to buy to go with the equipment I already have.

I know what I'm wanting to do is far from perfect but I just want to achieve the best sound I can working with what I've got. It's a compromise so the wife allows me to have sound other than the TV at all!

The situation is, I have a Denon AVR X2000 I got 2nd hand from a friend for a very good price. I also have a pair of Acoustic Energy Aegis Evo 1 that I've had for years and want to use as my front speakers. I also have some speaker wire run to the rear corners high level behind the sofa.

My questions are:

1. I've read about matching speakers especially across the front 3. Can anybody recommend a centre speaker to go with the evo's I have already, or suggest which 'numbers' in the specifications I need to match!

2. The wife will allow some small cube type speakers high level for the rears (pref white). Can anybody recommend some? Do these need to be well matched to the front 3 speakers?

3. I also need a discrete sub - I saw a Yamaha one that was stackable in a Hi Fi unit, which would probably work well for me. Do I need to look for anything specific to 'match' what I already have.

4. Sometime later this year I might get a couple of ceiling speakers for the kitchen to run as a 2nd zone from the receiver (I think this is possible from the Denon). Any recommendations?

Only have around £500 to spend. It will probably only be a short term thing until we move in a couple of years and then I'm hoping to go all out!

Thanks in advance for any help and suggestions. Sorry about my naivety!


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When matching speakers are mentioned it is not about matching the specs but getting the same make and model of speaker. This means the tweeters and other drivers are the same and hence gives you the best chance of a tonal match and hence the best front soundstage.
This is what you want:
Acoustic Energy Aegis Evo Centre Center Speaker | eBay

Putting a sub in a Hifi rack is not a good idea and can not see it sound good or going very low. Something like the BK Electronics Gemini II would be the best option for a small sub.
For rear speakers, again you would ideal have matching speakers but if it has to be small speakers then look at the Boston Accoustic Soundwares.


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Monitor audio radius r45 in white are tiny cubes and can be picked up used for a good price.
They have a rear firing tweeter which is used to reflect sound off the wall creating a more diffused sound.

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