ADVICE on buying an LCD



I am lookin to buy an LCD TV soon but I am tbi confused on wat I should buy.
The TV itself will be used for XBOX 360, PS3 (near future), PC, and freeview which mean I need the TV to have decent SD output. searchin around I have come with a couple of TV's I am considering but some dont have reviews so it hard to tell how good these TV's are and reviews never really report longterm problems with the set. The size of the TV is between 32" for a 720p and upto 40"for 1080p

I know the rule is a decent 720p set beats a cheap 1080p set

SONY KDL_32S3000- (cheapest sony for £550 inc Dev)
SONY KDL_32D3000- (price £750 inc Dev) But is the extra 200 worth it especially wen most of the features are unoticable on the 32". including the fact that it accepts 1080p signals witch seem useless considering it cant output it.
Samsung LE32M87- (price £600 inc Dev)

TOSHIBA 37X3030D- (price £730 inc dev) low price 1080p but do u pay the price ?

Samsung LE40LM87- (Price 750 using discount)high reviews but forums show alot of firmware probs

My total budget is about 800 max

P.S the money I save from my 800 goes towards buying a PS3 unless the saving aren't significant to witch I have to wait till december for the ps3...... an by that I meanas in if I buy the Sony KDL 32S3000 I have 350 left which would be spent on a PS3.

And there is my dilemma ( is a 720p TV with a PS3 better than a 1080p TV with no PS3) I would aprecciate ur help :lease:


To fully enjoy 1080p you must have something to support it!!So what would be the advantage of the 1080p without hi def gaming or blu ray?(unless you will use pc when with res 1920x1080 its an advantage).The 1080p sets are excellent(the two you wrote),but you wont buy ps3 so there is no worth for sth like that!!So a decent 720p will do his work.So the 32S3000 is a very good choice.The D3000 worth the extra money it demands!!It adds to the S3000 the:100Hz,24p compatibility(for furure proof if yu buy ps3),1080p signals acceptance.In the shop I saw both there was a difference especially on football.


The samsung 32M87seems to have 100hz aswell but I dont think it has 24p. I havent seen anythin runnin on the 24p so i dont know the difference but I would save £150 if I got the samsung which would mean I get my PS3 earlier. Not to mention the D3000 at its price is competin with the 40M87 and the toshiba which both do 1080p.

I do prefer the smaller size of the 32 than the larger screens.

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