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Advice on buying 1st projector


Standard Member
Hi Guys. I am looking at getting my 1st projector :)thumbsup:) sometime soon and need some advice please.

I will be using in the living room (with the usual cream walls etc) so there will be some light (not too much though) through the day and can be made reasonable darkish at night (just a low wattae lamp in the corner).

I need horizontal lens shift and will position the Pj 2.6-2.8m from wall (initially) and sit roughly the same distance away - so only looking at small 80-90inch screen (!):(.

I can only afford 2nd hand so was looking at maybe a Panny AX200 (with its 2000 lumens) or save a bit more and look at a 1080p Sanyo Z800. I am worried that the 1200 lumens on the Sanyo may not be bright enough (will it???). However, by getting the Panny I worry that I will be missing out as only 720p and I will mainly be watching blu-ray.

Hence my dilema. Any and all advice welcomed. Thanks:)


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Hi Steve, thanks for the reply. I'm ok with sound - got an Audica CS-2, 5.1 surround system driven by a marantz slimline receiver (which is ok with HD tracks). Love blu-ray so thinking needing to go bigger than my 40inch telly, hence itching for a projector. So you reckon the Sanyo wouldn't be suitable - it can go quite dark in my room - just not batcave!


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I have 1800 lumens and in the day it can look a little washed out with the curtains closed (not blackout by any means). But at night a Blu-ray still looks stunning even at 720p on my 120" screen.


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Hmmm, that's interesting. Yeah, I feared the lumens on the sanyo might be a little low but wanted the views of people like you with a lot more experience of projectors than me. I liked the sanyo as its 1080p and has the horizontal lens shift that I need. I had a 720p telly but had to upgrade, so it worries me that I will feel the same with a projector, although what I have seen on youtube ref the Panny looks pretty good. How do you rate the AX200? Is it any good? Is there anything better that I could consider? Thanks again

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