Advice on "BEST" non HD camcorder...


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Im a bit of a sucker when it comes to getting new technology.. I always want the best, and usually most expensive....

Ive spent many days looking about at reviews etc... and are being drawn to HD cams costing a min of £500 (i.e., Canon HG10)... I want to get one for my hpcoming wedding/honeymood, and know that it will most likely end up in a cupboard somewhere upon my return, and not be used for years....

This is is why I dont really want to spend so much money on one in the first place.. So my thinking is spend about £300 for the best non hd available...

My only real requirements are that it does not use tape or dvd as means of stoarge, so either solid state or HDD... I also want easy file manipulaiton.. I will have a laptop with me and want to be able to simply plug in the cam and copy video, edit and upload to website... so want a universal format, mpeg2... or similar...

I notice most HD cams are 1080i and either 1980 or 1440 (not true HD) x 1080.. are there none that are 720p, or in between standard def and hi def?

Any advice or suggestions would be good.. thanks


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For best SD, HDD cam; the Panasonic H250 is one to consider.

There are 720p cams; e.g. the Sanyo Xacti.


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Thanks.. Im still weighing up the options...

I just assumed HDD would be better.. tape seems so old fashioned, and much more mechanical and thus more to break!!!

Pluggin in cam via usb and dragging files seems much easier!!


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You may want to edit your thread title. The Best non Hi def and Hi def camcorders are tape based.
And cost more than £300

To be fair tape isnt new , and it isnt always "convenient" but .. who cares ? Mp3s are new , I love CDs, and some folk still love vinyl:blush: ,
DVDs are now old(ish)...(but i dont see people digitising all thier video to mpeg4 /Divx ) . Ironically BD and HD-DVDs greatest rival is DVD

I was speaking to a young Doctor colleague today ( In her early 20s Id Say) whom I found out was keen on camcorders and video editing.. She seemed to not think tape was old fashioned simply a little less convenient to download. One less convert, it seems:laugh:

Its easy to forget that tape is digital, However "old fashioned" is a conditioned feeling used to market the HDD/Card models
The real time transfer is a fact of life.. like rendering of video on a PC. That happens even with footage from an mpeg2 source. Some things in life cannot be rushed:rolleyes:!

And yes HDDs can fail.. tape mechanism and tapes sound "fiddly" but are infact rather robust

Also the "True HD" thing is a marketing slang which has insidously become the thing to have at least with camcorders. It would be had to buy a display now and not want 1080p but with camcorders it isnt really "all that"
There are very few 720p models and none touches the 1080i for quality
Lastly, for say £150 over your budget for a one off purchase for Hi def you will be be getting a nicer looking ( No, much nicer looking) video for a long time especially when you can no longer get to buy a "non" HDTV or even projector. Certainly the sort of AV stuff you have is ideal to show what HD camcorders are capable of

You may feel you wont use it after the wedding Honey moon. Maybe. But if you and your intended wife went on any holidays after that, had Family functions worth recording or the patter of tiny feet arrived in your household Im sure the camcorder would not stay in that cupboard for long:devil:

PS: Im trialling an HDD Hi def HG 10 Canon and quite like it:(It is very well builtTBH) but get a tad irritated when sales folk ( in certain retail outlets) find the need to run down tape models in order to sell the newer technologies

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