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Ian J

The amp looks excellent value for money but to be truthful I have never listened to any of the speakers that you have listed.

In general it isn't a good idea to mix manufacturers with the centre and main stereo speakers and you have nominated Acoustic Solutions floorstanders with a KEF centre which may sound completely different to each other.

If you could squeeze your budget a little higher I would suggest swapping the main speakers for a pair of KEF Coda at £110.95 which will be much better speakers but in addition to the extra £40 you will also need stands for them.

Once again I would advise you to think carefully before buying the Gale sub at £149 as all it is likely to add to the mix is wallowy, booming distortion. I would suggest that if you can't afford a better sub now to go without and save up for something like a Mordaunt Short MS309 which whilst only £80 more (from AV-Land) is in a completely different league and will put a big smile on your face
if it was my money i would go for the Mordaunt Short Premier System at 278 a bargain package that has received some good reviews.


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What about this then??

It has floor standers and will have a better cohesive sound that your mix-and-match package. Then add the gale sub.
Also remember to get teh most out of the kit you will need to get some good cables to wire it all together and you are leaving yourself very little money for these.


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Email richer sounds or go and visit one of there shops and then see if you can get a demo to see if you like the sound. They are usually very happy to help :)


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I can agree with the Movie star 5 package as it's what I bought my Father-in-law on his behalf.

I was very impressed with them and was surprised how low the 3 way floorstanders went :smashin:

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Could someone please tell me how powerful the moviestar5 system is please? No-where is open atm and I may order them tonight.


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I can't remeber the Power rating of the Speakers but I am confident that they would be fine with the amp you have shortlisted.

I bought a similar one again for the Father-in-law with the speakers both from Richer Sounds.

I would'nt worry too much even if they are rated a little lower anyway. You can do far more damage with an underpowered amp mismatched to higher rated speakers!


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Richer sounds are doing the mission m73i's for £120 right now. I would pair them with the sony amp and look at the same centre and rears. I reckon you won't need to immediately worry about a sub with the mission speakers, and you'll get much better music reproduction.

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