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Hi I am tone deaf newbie!!!! And was just wondering, as a rule of thumb, what settings you Bass and Treble are on, my Sony amp goes from -10 to +10 on both. I am quite happy to have them both whacked up on full, but apparently not so!!!

So any help would be appreciated.



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I don´t use them at all, the amp is set to Tone Defeat. But if you like the way it sounds with both set to +10 that´s all that matters.:)



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Audiophiles prefer kit without any tone controls as they say it degrades the signal path. Others like to tweak a bit. However if you are adjusting by more than +3 or -3 either way, then there is something wrong with your setup which needs attention.


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If you have a really cheap set of speakers then you may find that the eventual sound is lacking in either bass or treble and use of the tone control may compensate a bit. The centre speaker on my venerable Panasonic TV is rather fuzzy and I find it easier to understand dialogue when I turn the treble up high, especially when watching something full of american actors with lousy diction. :) As always the answer to the question "what is the right setting?" is "whatever sounds best to you."

I own the yamaha dsp-ax620 amp which i use for 5.1 and stereo at the moment. I set it so the subwoofer only comes on in dts, ac3 or pro-logic but in stereo its just the front speakers which you can alter the bass/treble controls using the analogue tone controls for each at the front. As im using the mordaunt short 914s at the front this means that with the treble and bass both set to 0db (the tone controls left in the middle of their rotation) that the treble can be a bit overwhelming as the speakers use aluminium tweeters. Because of this i set the bass slightly above the 0db level, i didnt realise this can degrade the sound quality though :confused:

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