Advice on an LCD for the Bedroom


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Hi All

I am considering getting an LCD for the bedroom and have some questions regarding picture quality.

I would probably be looking at a 20" and it would be fed a signal from the RF2 out of my sky+ box downstairs in the lounge.

Would this signal be enough to give me the freeview channels that the TV's inbuilt Tuner can produce.

My standard aerial (not freeview) is in the loft and reception without sky is poor.

My SD sky picture upstairs through sky is currently very good but could I expect a similar picture on an LCD. I have read mixed reports on picture quality though this seems to be on larger screens in SD.

Any advice also on what is a decent 20" LCD with freeview and HD ready would also be a great help.

Thanks in advance


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Hi Richard
I have a 20" Humax on the wall in my bedroom and after some teething troubles I am very happy with it.

Cannot help with the sky box (I dont have it)

My aerial for this tv is in the loft....I put it in myself set it up by trial and error and its perfect on freeview.

The picture is good and the sound is ok......which is often v poor on small sets.There is the viewing angle problem which needs to be as straight on as pos.

I play my old cheapo video through it too and its fine its also fine on analogue TV and I use it to listen to radio too,also it has an "alarm clock" feature so I use it to wake up to BBC breakfast.

I t has enabled me to get rid of an ugly CRT my alarm clock and my radio.

The teletext and elctronic programme guides work well too.



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Thanks for the reply Steve

I may replace my aging loft aerial with a new Freeeview one in the not too distant future (might even try and move it to the chimney) and will no doubt put in a distribution amp for the other bedroom whilst I'm about it, but for now it will have to do.

Theres nothing wrong with the 21" Sony CRT I have in the bedroom just want something a bit more pleasing on the eye style wise but do not want to compromise the picture quality.



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Hi Again Richard
Now personally I think you are being a bit hopeful.

I have a 29" Sony CRT in the lounge and although the LCD picture isnt at all bad it isnt a patch on the Sony.

I dont usually compromise but I have on this and have allowed myself to go style over content.

You only have to read the threads on here to see how many people get blocking......motion blur......poor sound etc etc.

At the end of the day mine is a bedroom set but it would not do for the lounge.



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