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Hi guys and girls - it's my first time on the forum so be gentle with me!

At the moment I've got a Hitachi 28" CRT TV in my bedroom - it's used mainly for playing a few Xbox/PS2/DC/GC games and watching DVDs through a Sony DAV S550 system.

The main problem I have is the thing is so damn big it's taking up most of the room (the room is only about 10' x 8') and I need an LCD to replace it. What would any of you suggest?

I've been looking around and although I started looking at 17" screens (mainly the Philips) I've come to the conclusion that that just own't be big enough for some games, and movies I feel would look very small compared to the 28" size i'm used to - I know I'll get used to it in the end, but I feel that 17" would just be too restrictive.

So, i've decided around the 22" size seems best (or is it?) and the screens I've seen that I like are the Sharp S22V2E, the Samsung LW22A13W and the Philips 23PF9945. My budget is around the £1200 mark (plus I'll pay a bit more if needs be for new scart cables, but I'd prefer not too!).

I was hoping to make use of the component outs on my DAV but I can't seem to find any screens that a highly rated in my price range and with component connections - have I missed any?

Sorry for the long winded essay, but any help would be gratefully appreciated!


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Can no one give me any advice?

I'd prefer to ask people who've used the equipment, otherwise I'll just buying blind out of What Video & TV!


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