Advice on Amp? Yammy 4600 or wait?

Deeez Nuuutz

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Hello to all!
I'm new to this forum but have been reading for a while now and i think you're the best people to ask - Some very clever folks on here!! :smashin:

Anyway, i'm just getting in to the home cinema business and i've decided on getting M&K Speakers; 3 x K17's Front, 2 x K4's Rear and M&K Sub VX 760 What do you think, any good?

My main question is regarding the amp. I currently have a CRT tv but i'm getting a plasma early next year which is why it must have HDMI switching. Its going to be used for 95% Movies and the odd cd and i have around £1000 to spend.
I've been looking at the Yamaha RVX4600 due to it having HDMI switching and THX Select and the New Denon 3806 which also will have HDMI Switching but no THX. I've also noticed that alot of people on here seem to be waiting for the new Yamaha 2600 over the 4600, can you tell me why and what the difference is between the two and if its worth waiting? I know about the upscaling but i'm planning on getting a new DVD player next year that upscales from 576 to 720 so there's no need for the amp to have this function. Is there anything else i'm forgetting?

I'm spending alot of money and i'm sure you all understand that i don't want to make a mistake on what i buy so all your help would be most appreciated.

Thanks guys! :cool:

Best regards,


Deeez Nuuutz

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With all this vast knowledge between you guys on this forum i find it hard to believe NOBODY has got any advice for me???



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The 4600 does digital video switching, which means if you have two sources with HDMI you can move between them by selecting the differnt one, personaly i think this is a bit useless as apart from a DVD player why would you have two sources with HDMI?

The 2600 has digital video switching and upscaling/conversion, meaning that it alows all of your analauge sources to be sent to the plasma via a single cable, it also has a scaling chip which may make non HD sources fit HD res, this means that you won't have to use the usualy poor scaling that the Plasma will have. So overall you get potentialy better video through the 2600, although the sound quality may be better on the 4600 as it has better amp section. the 2600 will not produce extra detail form a DVD or VHS but it probably will be a smother picture than you may get from the plasmas internal scaler.

Deeez Nuuutz

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Thank you very much for your reply.

I think i will go with the 4600 over the 2600 because as you said the sound quality should be better and obviously the main reason for my choice is the overall sound quality.

Do you think that the 4600 will sound good with the M&K setup i'm getting?
Or do you think the new expected Denon 3806 would sould better or/if noticable at all?

This is my first step into the Home Cinema territory so need all the help i can get!

Many thanks again!


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The 2500 and 3805 where main competitors, therefore the 4805 should be better than the 3806, although you might as well demo as not many places are selling the 4600 online anyway.

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