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I have my JMLab 816S speakers hooked up to An Audiolab 8000P and S (old ones from the 80s) but the audiolab seems to be dying a slow death and the GF thinks it's all too big and ugly anyway.

Can anyone suggest a couple of new or used amps that might pair well with the 816S's? This system is for music only. Main sources would be HQ streaming services and a record player.

The 816's are slightly bass light, but quite accurate/ 'quick' speakers so I am guessing an amp on the warmer side might work well? Budget is probably up to £500.

Preferably I would like something that is an integrated pre and power amp if possible as ideally I want to have it out in the room and I don't think the GF will tolerate a '2 box' setup being out. I can put it all away in a cupboard if I have to but cabling will be a bit of a nightmare.

Thanks for any suggestions!


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Thanks for this!

I have read that on the sound front, JMLab Focal stuff tends to be a bit 'light' for Yamaha/ Onkyo stuff though. i will investigate these options though...

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