Advice on ALR screens.


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I have a new room to set up, it's got to be wife friendly this time, So the room can't become and full bat cave. in fact, she does not even like the idea of a temp cover on things.

Room 12.6 x 16.5ft I am projecting over the 16ft
Egyptian cotton ceiling and matt green walls (managed to sneak in an off white ceiling)
Projector JVC X7900 (Low Lamp)
I am looking to get a Fixed screen 128-135" scope 2.35:1

Are all the higher gain ALR screens to be avoided ? 1.4 ?

The main viewing will be at night, But also a white matt door close to one side :-(

As the screen fills the planned end wall and the main sofa is straight to it no problems with viewing

At this size, the brightness on an ALR screen will be impacted as most are lower gain and I am already going large

ReAct 3 is one I have seen but id also like to know what else is out there that people have used plus this was on a lot brighter projector

Cost ...... well I have told the wife it's more expensive to do an ALR so id like to look at all options and do the job once

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