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Question Advice on ageing set up please.


Standard Member
Hello all,

I started to build in 2003 maybe 4 ish - I had a limited budget of £1,500 to get everything and was advised to put the majority of my budget into speakers (10% on cables) as they should out run the rest of the equipment which can be upgraded when the time comes and only improve the sound quality of my existing speaker set up.
To note I am still very happy with my needs and set - up below - even if i bought the entry level AMP at the time.

AMP: Onkyo TX-NR 609

KEF Q100 Rear Speakers
KEF Q500 Front Speakers
KEF Q200c Centre Speakers
DALI E12F Sub-Woofer

TV - the only upgrade since: SONY TV 55" X900E

Now, here is where my question is leading too. All my equipment is connected direct to the TV now and for sound, from the TV's ARC HDMI to my main input of my AMP. Everything works well as long as the sound source is not recent from the TV or sources i play with. Most signal to normal Dolby works fine.

Recently, when the amp identifies the source Dolby + is where I encounter problems. When o volume up or down sound stops for a second and the amp seems to need to catch the sound, and every-time the image changes cut seen, the amp sound stops for a second.

I am thinking - maybe my HDMI cable is old too and this is the reason coming from the TV or my amp is just to old and struggles.

I do not have the means to buy a new amp, but was thinking if i changed my HDMI ARC cable to the new format eARC would this help?

Or should I just look at a new amp - no needs for 9.2s set ups and happy with my 5.1, is there new amps that are good for 5.1 set ups to keep cost lower maybe this is also an option?

I understand the easiest cure would be to buy a new amp - looking to see first if spending 30 odd Euros on the new HDMI cable would help my problem?

Any advice on HDMI cables or new Amps and your comments on my set-up would be very welcomed.

Thank you


Well-known Member
Spending €30 on a hdmi lead no , your amp won't do earc anyway. It's probably the dd+ signal causing the issue try digital optical if anything cheaper quick fix.


Standard Member
Good morning Razy,

Thank you for the response, honest did not think of that. Assuming connect TV direct to the Amp?
Will try this over the weekend 10€ fix worth a try for sure!

Thanks again, will report update when done.



Standard Member
Hi again to all,

So over the weekend i was really playing with everything, scrolling Dr. google for answers and I actually found the error that came from the TV itself.

In the Sony TV settings of sound, in advanced settings, the dolby selection was on Dolby Plus. When i put it to dolby normal, i had no more problems.

So my question leads to another, why would my amp struggle with dolby plus and dolby normal works ok.

My amp supports dolby plus - very strange behavior I cannot seem to find an answer for.


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