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I've decided I'm going to buy the last PC105 from Jessops (on a price match) - this decision was reached with a lot of help from these forums - thanks.

Is it worth going for the 3yr new-for-old warranty?
(i.e. are Sony's of this generation generally reliable, if looked after)

What extra's should I go for?
So far I've got FireWire/I-link cable, larger memory stick and maybe a longer-life battery. Anything crucial I've missed out?


TBH I always think that the cost of an extended guarentee is far too expensiveto make it VFM. I think that these days most electrical gear can be on your household insurance for theft etc for little or no extra cost (my TRV-900e cost nothing to add to mine) and most of the time, if its going to break down then it will within 12 months. Pay on Barclaycard and get a second year free!

An extra long life battery is a must IMHO as is a fairly cheap Sky light or similar filter to fit over the lens. I do not use this for the effect of the filter, but as protection for the lens. A £10 filter costs £10 to replace if it gets scratched. A £1000 camcorder costs far more than £10 to repair if the lens gets scratched.
Also get yourself a few DV tapes. These only cost from around £3 each now and for that reason I always have plenty of spares, and never reuse them. A word of warnoing about tapes though, stick to one make of tape and don't swap them around with other makes just to save a few pennies. That could well result in an expensive repair in the not too distant future.
The camcorder should always be stored in a good case that holds the cam tight. Jessops etc should sell you a good non Sony one for not too much money.
Other accessories that may be handy are an off camera charger for the spare battery. A video light if doing a lot of indoor or low light filming. Good editing software for the PC. A DVD burner for the PC. DVD authoring software. Blank DVD disks etc etc.......



Cheers MarkE19 - I get a free bag from Jessops, and it looks like I can get the rest of the stuff (battery, tapes, filter etc) from

Loss or theft IS covered on my household insurance for no extra cost - and I think I'll take the risk of not getting acc. damage cover.

Having said that...
Has anyone got any experience of a Sony cam breaking down and not being covered (i.e. how much did it cost to fix?)


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For my 103 I got the Sony polarizing kit for £40 from Unbeatable which also comes with a clear lens cover. I want to get the SPK-PC4 waterproof casing as well, but they are proving difficult to find.
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