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Jan 11, 2004
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Hi All

Eager to get your views on adding a sub to my hifi setup. Currently a Roksan caspian driving quad11Ls.

I'm happy with the detail of the quad's as listen to lot of jazz, but am partial to massive attack, dub, ambient etc. Floorstanders not an option. Room size is about 13.5x13ft.
Would like something very discrete/small box and not the slam or rumble type of sub. Don't want to be over-powered by the bass, but to have a controlled extension of the sound.

Budget around £350, and would certainly consider s/h

Any recommendations would be appreciated (rel quake? MJ pro 50?)

Some options:

BK XLS200 £280
s/h REL Q200E ~£300-350
s/h REL Q100E ~£200
MJ Acoustics Ref 100 £350 (black)

Got the Quake and I like it a lot, definitely light years ahead of my previous KEF PSW2000. A good option if you haven't got a huge room and want something discreet.
I believe that BK Electronics are about to release a further phase of subwoofers which if anything like the previous model will provide superb value for money as they sell directly to the customer and cut out the retailer and his markup.

Many cheap subwoofers are cheap as the components are poor but BKE are one of the few manufacturers who tell you what type of amp and driver they are using and they aren't the cheap Taiwan components so loved by the big names with their more expensive prices.

For those that have never heard of BKE, they are an OEM manufacturer, making products for quite a few well known names who would rather you believed that they actually made the stuff themselves.
Originally posted by common
2nd hand Strata III

Good spot. If it's still unsold it's a lovely little sub at £350 and although not as small as the Quake and Pro 50 etc it is in a class above them in terms of performance.
Having auditioned the REL range at Sevenoaks, I wouldn't recommend the REL Q range - they are designed more for home cinema and the bass, whilst initially impressive, is not well controlled. The S- series is much better for music and pretty good for cinema also (well my Strata-III works well with my Mission 770s)
we almost have the same room size, my sub perform very well
in audio video set-up.but your budget is to wide for this (cht-8 velodyne) go for cht-10 or 12.

sub. placement is very important, to achieve superv sound even your gear is budgeted.
Hey, thanks for all the advice and suggestions!

The BKs look an interesting choice, though I can't find any info on their website just pictures of the actual drive units and not the subwoofer itself. Could anyone point me to the right place? Ta

Also, I always thought it didn't matter where you put the sub?
Bass isn't completely non-directional as some would believe so placement is important. In a 2-channel set up probably inbetween the main speakers, but REL still mainitains corner placement for subs for both music and DVD.
I always used my two big passive subs as close as possible to the satellites. Simply rotating the boxes to point the single 4" exit ports in another direction would completely alter the sound in my large 30' x 18' listening room.

Those trying to match a sub (or two) for music should persevere until completely satisfied. There is no need to put up with boom or slow sounding bass if the sub(s) can be found an optimum position.

With deep bass a movement of the listening chair of a few inches will alter perceived levels and tightness of bass. Simply rocking backwards and forwards in the hot spot chair can affect how the bass is heard.

Patience is required. But will be well rewarded. Clean, deep bass is absolutely magical on music. Allowing much lower levels to be enjoyed without losing what is happening in the bass.

REL's recommended initial corner position (supported by SVS) provides the loudest and depest bass.
If this position causes boom then moving the sub(s) away from the corner(s) by small amounts and listening carefully each time will help. But there are no fast rules for subwoofer positioning as every room (& subwoofer) is different. Use what works for you.


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