Advice on a simple media player (no streaming) that can play FULL-HD + ATMOS w HDMI 2.1


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So looking around the Odroid N2+ 4Gb with 32Gb SD Card and CoreELEC would be a good option right?
Better than a Vero 4K+ for similar money (£104)??
Similar in capabilities to a Z9S but half the price?
Supports UHD picture and DD Atmos passthrough..
I would also need a 4K HDMI Splitter so I can put both this and my Zgemma into the HDMI in port of the soundbar too. Any recco's for that?
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Well - I was looking at the ODroid N2+ until I saw their appaling warranty and apparent dissatisfaction from people who had hardware issues. Looking deeper - I will not be parting with my childrens hard earned inheritance to that company :-(

The Vero 4K+ / Z9S are my choices to mull over. Is the Z9S significanly better than the Vero?. If people can advise on that and the general comparison of these two I would really appreciate it. I think I am right in saying that with the Z9S I would not need an HDMI splitter/switch for my two devices into the soundbar as it has the HDMI in and out. Is that right? If so then that drops the price difference by a bit and brings them closer together.

Thanks Everyone :)

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