Advice on a Pio 505 XDE ??


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I have the offer of a Pioneer 505 XDE for £2200

I can get a extended warrenty for it also at about £140 PA.

It has been used, but looks great.

Considering it is a 5th gen, but Digital (XDE) should I snap it up.

It does have speakers and stand???

Help please?

It will obviously be used for TV, maybe Sky HD in the future, but mainly for the xbox 360?


If its mainly for gaming i would buy it, for another grand though you will be a lot happier with a 506.

Dog with 3 legs

Steer clear of the 505. My insurance company supplied one as a replacement for a 504 that we managed to damage and it was a long way short of the 504. They eventually got us a 506 which is OK.

If you can't stretch to a 506 then look for a good 504.


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Hi, Dog I did read your thread. I have also had loads of reports about the 505 being great.

Anyways, I missed your post as I was collecting it at the time.. :rolleyes:

Anyways, I am now the proud owner of a Pioneer 505 XDE. And it is great.

For anyone else interested, Curry's have reduced the Price of the 505 XDE, yep XDE to £2497.

I grabbed a display model (Only manufactured 4 months ago) that is in great condition.

Got 10% off as it was display, and another 10% off as I took the extended warranty at £11.99 PCM (Cancelable at any time) covers most things, and much more than a John Lewis warranty.
Also as I have a Morgan Stanley CC, I get Currys vouchers £100 for £95, so that is another 5% off.

So for under 2K I have a 505 XDE, it obviously came with the speakers and table swivel mount, but I have the wall mount ready and will be mounting it tomorrow.

I have been playing with it tonight, the freeview is as expected, not great. I tried a SW update, but non available. I assume either Pioneer have not updated, or have special weekends I must watch for. The EPG is slow and annoying.

My TiVo needs a little modifying, I have the Mode 0 hack running and the IICSET hack, so will change the values to get a better picture.

I did notice a improvement on AV1 than AV2, I don't know if both are wired up as RGB, will have to read the manual.

Computer VGA looks great, also the Xbox.. Will try the modded xbox tomorrow as I will set it in Hi Def resolution, but the standard xbox output looks fine and I am happy with this.

Anyways, time for bed, if anyone else has any ideas for increasing my 505XDE pleasure, please let me know.

Also if someone else is looking for a curry's 505XDE, St Helens has one 0870 6097470.

Dog with 3 legs

Ignore my comments, the 505 is a great screen and my comments are based on relative experiences rather than having a single panel with nothing to compare it with.

I'm happy I've got a "free" 506 but did pay nearly £4K for my 50" pioneer less than 2 years ago.

You've got a bargain - enjoy it.

mark bessant

hi mate i have just got my 505 on the wall last night gr8 tv but lots of manuals to read hooked up 868 dvd player with hdmi lead faultless picture but when its on sky+ the picture is not that good a little grainy i find have used qed scart lead when i put sky on top right of the sceen the numbers 625i come up and when the dvd players on it says 750p will have to read manuals .



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The numbers are Pioneers way of telling you that Sky+ is an interlace picture (i) and your DVD is outputing progressive (p)- that bit you knew. As for the 750P rather than 720P, well Pioneer TVs list the system (750P) whilst their DVDs tell you the amount of visable line = 720P. Same goes for the 625i etc.

Most people just talk about the visable lines (720, 1080 etc etc).


i have this model and it's great, thats a real bargain price. normally from a pio dealer you get a 2 year warranty, so just check what you get for your £140

i paid £3000 for mine ex display with stand a few weeks ago. i have the samsung 950 with hdmi and its obviously a big improvement to my 32" crt with component video. you can plug your pc direct into it and use the 1240x1024 resolution and sit on the sofa with wireless keyboard and mouse and read the screen nice and clearly. with a dreamcast plugged in via scart its like an arcade in the home (obviously it'll be a lot better with xbox or ps2, better still with hi def xbox360). i actually found the freeview picture pretty good, but thats compared to the crap freeview pic i get in my bedroom, but i don't watch much telly so it doesn't bother me

sounds like a great deal, so worth snapping up. it'll cost you more than a grand more to get the newer 506, you can't even get the 436 for that price. a lot of screen for a very decent price

mark bessant

thanks robbie tt but why is my sky picture so grainy is there any way of inproveing my picture .

regardes mark


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mark bessant said:
thanks robbie tt but why is my sky picture so grainy is there any way of inproveing my picture .

regardes mark

Turn off all the Pio picture enhancements, and make sure you have a very good scart lead. The sharpness control has a definite improving effect on the Sky picture, but I find it also eliminates detail, i.e. freckles on people's faces.

Also, you say Sky picture but that's over 500 channels all of varying quality bitrate and source material. A picture that always impresses me is Hollyoaks on CH4, believe it or not. If you get a very good natural picture here, then you know that all the problems are down to the Sky channels themselves, not the TV.

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