Advice on a new system: bought Audiolab 6000A, Oberon 5, Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Espirit. Possibly adding...


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Hi All. Newbie here, but old human. Kind of what the title says: I need advice on a new system: I've just bought an Audiolab 6000A, Dali Oberon 5s, a Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Espirit. Thinking of adding to it from my old stuff.
We've just moved to Geneva, Switzerland from Hiroshima, Japan. My Samsung television, Pioneer AV receiver, a Pioneer BD/CDplayer and some meh speakers stayed at the Japan house (it'll get minimal use over the next few years).
On the boat in a container that hopefully arrives someday are a pair of SL 1200's (for the Japan market, so 100 V not compatible to Europe, I've checked these), a very nice old JVC Quartzlock turntable that needs some repair and two other lesser turntables, a well loved and battle proven Pioneer A-335 amp, some Dali Spektor 2s, a TEAC CD player, a Cambridge phono stage, and a set of Orb speakers (Classic Two 2.1 System) which is four satellite speakers and a Polk PSW111 subwoofer. And about 10,000 LPs and 20,000 CDs.
What I've bought this week: got a decent price on an Audiolab 6000 A (have heard great things - may eventually use as a preamp for an AV system - but that's a ways off), Dali Oberon 5s, and an absolutely show stopping deal on a Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Espirit turntable (it was the unused display model, in missing the anti-skate weight for 200 CHF - about $220, and I ordered the weight on line cheaply - even if there's other issues - it looked and worked fine, fixing it up should be easy enough).
So, here's my plan... and where I'm looking for input; my new living room, dining room, entertaining, and relaxing room is a large 45 sq meter (485 sq ft) space that is about two and a half times as long as it is wide. I plan on sectioning off the room into a listening and sitting area that will be getting a decent sized (70"-85" Samsung QLED?) television at one end, with the new speakers and the audio equipment there as well. The floor is marble, and the ceiling is a fairly high arch. I plan on covering the floor with rugs and having some decent couches/armchairs around the watching, listening, relaxing area. The other end of the room will be a dining area and general space.
I am considering the following: adding the subwoofer to this system if folks think it will add some fullness, but if it's either overkill or will muddy the sound, I'll keep it with the smaller Orbs, and just run the Oberons. I'm also considering running the Spektors at the other end of the room (in the dining area). Finally, my plan is to attach the television to the 6000A and use the Oberons with it. I was looking at a sound bar but might hold off. I want to keep the system simple enough that my kid and my wife can watch television (with or w/o the added speakers), listen to records, or run their bluetooth phones into the Audiolab without my help.
This is the room I am looking mainly for input about.
I'm also planning on hooking up my Pioneer A535, the SL1200s, and some other speakers (the Spektors, paired Orbs, or something else I find) in the game room in the basement. I've got a fairly sturdy step-down convertor that I'll plug the A535 into and then the SL1200's can plug into the power off of the back of that. I'm hoping that they'll play at a decent speed, but I'm not sure.
Whew. I know this is a lot... but I've read some really good advice here as a lurker.

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