Advice on a new Digital Audio Player with Coaxial Digital Out

I have over 100GB of Mp3s but currently acquiring the same songs in FLAC. Funny enough my Ipod Classic has just broke so looking to buy a new digital audio player that can play the new FLAC tracks and mp3s that I can't get in that format. This will mainly be used with standard wired headphones to play in the gym.

However I recently bought a Marantz PM6007 Amplifier and Dali Oberon 7 speakers and from time to time would like to connect the new player to it with the best possible quality. I used to connect the IPOD to the Aux or Audio Out and sounded great. I also have my PC connected to the amplifier via the optical digital connection.

1. Is it my understanding that the best way would be to connect it via the S/PDIF Coaxial Cable?

I have been researching new DAP players but can only afford up to around £300 possibly stretch to £400. The problem is they don't seem to specify if they have an S/PDIF connection or not. Was looking at the FIIO M3 Pro, M5, M6 and M7. It does state that the M5 does but the device itself is too small for me. Was also looking at Sony NW-A55 and NW-A105 but also read somewhere that it struggles a bit with album art. I had this problem with the IPOD and had to remove all the Album Art. There is also Hiby R3 Pro.

I do not use Spotify, Tidal or WIFI Streaming and don't really need Blutooth either. Looking for something that has a decent sound that I can also connect to the amplifier. I listen to mostly all genres of Metal but also like Dance and 80s bands such as U2. So something with a good punch to it.

2. Some DAPS state that they have a Line Out. Could this be used to connect to the amp and would it be as good as a Coaxial output?

3. Could someone suggest some good DAPS that would meet the above criteria?


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1. No. Coax is just 1 of many ways to transmit digital, just as using optical, bnc, usb etc.

2. A line out function is not needed but i guess is useful. using a line out is sending the analogue signal to your amp via rca's like you was with your ipad, although line out can sometimes change it;s impedance output. its not a digital one like coax. with a digital signal, you bypass the daps dac and use the amps. with an analogue signal, youd be using the daps dac, similar to the ipad.

3. any dap can be connected to the amplifier via the 3.5mm output. in addition, a £400 dap like the fiio m11 would likely have a better dac than your marantz and also has line out so would try and aim for that
So if I went for something like the M11 would I just connect the cable from the 3.5mm Jack to the AUX on the back of the amp? I tried this with the IPOD and sounded awful but guessing it will different from a DAP? I used to connect the IPOD via the Left Right Audio to the pins at the bottom of the IPOD and sounded quite good. In fact sounded better than playing music through my PC connected via the Optical Digital cable. That was to the Yamaha 5.1 amplifier though.


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Yes you can. It shouldn’t sound awful at all. It should sound better. I can’t remember the line out voltage but should be around 2v from the 3.5mm jack.
It should also sound better than your pc in theory.
The dac In the marantz is good but the m11 output is 👌🏾

I hf the m11 pro and it’s dacs we’re 👌🏾

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