advice on a drain report for potential new home


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We are considering buying a house that needs renovating. The estate agent provided a couple of surveys as they have had two buyers drop out due to cracking in the render and inside the house. The structural report seems ok and says that minor repairs may be neccessary , also a full re-render which we know will be expensive but would budget for. However the drain report to me doesnt read very well and with my limited knowledge looks like they need replacing. Does anyone have any experience with this kind of thing. Reading the report would it be full replacement or can they repaired. Just wondering on costs ect .



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How competent are you in your DIY skills? I dug my own drainage for my house and it is fairly straight forward. I would replace each section one at a time and plan everything. You will be able to link the new pipe into the manholes as there will be "connecting" pipework on the outside of the manholes. Hand dig down and you will see what I mean. The sewers are shallow (450mm deep) and 100mm dia.

Clay pipes can be a pain as you can easily damage them when you put them in the ground and backfill them. Pressure testing will demonstrate that they are good when are finally laid. Why not give the company a call and ask for a quote? Save money don't request like for like replacement ask for PVC pipe instead, keeping the existing manholes.

Broken pipes, joints being misaligned and tree roots damage are typical issues with sewers. Having seen these reports and knowing two other parties walked away are bargaining chips for you. Lower sale price or asking the sellers to rectify these problems subject to sale. Your call.


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Why not give the company a call and ask for a quote? Save money don't request like for like replacement ask for PVC pipe instead, keeping the existing manholes.
Why didn't I think of that, I was thinking to get a quote if be charged for another survey. Can't believe I was that dumb. Thanks for the advice. Don't think I could do it myself so that's the way to go.


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Roots can be removed, (cut out), from within the pipe, and pipe can be relined without digging up. Best idea is to ask drainage company for a quote based on the survey.


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I suspect the repairs indicated by that report will cost a sizeable amount. The structural will not report on the services for the property, but as it was build in the 60's, I would obtain a condition report on them as well.

If you've set your heart on the property, you'll need to know how much this will all cost, so your head can make a decision.


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Will give the company who did the report a call on Monday and also asked someone will knows someone for a rough price so we can budget that in. Going to have a look at it today so will know more later. For the price its a steal but obviously reflected in the condition.

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I laughed but you have a good point.
Too late! :D

Looks an interesting property - are they going to transfer over the FIT for the solar panels? (If there’s any left).

Room to extend over the garage at some point. If you’re going to the trouble of re-rendering, it might be the ideal opportunity to remodel totally and bring the property ‘up-to-date’ - but that would come down to budget and the surrounding area I guess.


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The fit is owned by the company who put them on which isn't a problem. The idea is to do a full renovation inside and then out.

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