Advice on a DAB


id really like one with a SD card slot so i can play music and also as ill be listening to it in the bath i need one thats not too big and is good with weak signals as in my bathroom the signal does not get in very well as ive had 2 from argos and they both failed to work in there

but that was last year


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Not much help for a recommendation but avoid the BT Aviator. Although this has an SD slot and can run on batteries, the batteries discharge in standby - 48 hours or so.


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Check your post code here and see exactly what your coverage is like now. The chances are it would have changed massively in a year.

The only radio I can see that fits the bill is the BUG radio which is quite small and has a SD card slot on it. It doesn’t run on batteries though – so no balancing it on the side of the bath!



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...get Pure's Evoke-3 (even has a remote for safer bathtime listening!). It'll run on Pure's ChargePAK or six C batteries as well as mains. It will record to SD card as well as playback from one.

Probably the best DAB out there. Which should be the case for £170 and up!

I've got a Bug and it's great (watch out for the firmware - v1.2 is probably the most stable). The original Bug (not the Bug Too) is only marginally different, so I'd shop around for one of those if you are interested - Just under £60 should get you one from here (although Boots have been known to sell them in-store for £35 if you are VERY fast & VERY lucky).


thanks peeps

the bug is "bug ugly" so that a no and im not going to spend £200 on a radio!

how about the gnome thing from sky is that any good


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Yep, I deplored the Bug for its "design" but, in the end, deslred the timed recordings & multiple alarms more. A bit like when Debbie McGee met Paul Daniels, I guess...

The Gnome's a bit fiddly and hogs your Sky box (so someone else can't watch another Sky channel).

This one may fit tne bill - check out some online reviews first, though...


living alone the gnome sounds good but i know nothing about it except from what ive read from sky

any chance you could give me a quick run down of the little beast?


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