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I think I have my list of TV's narrowed down to 3 or 4 choices.
I currently have a 75" Sony X900f with a Samsung Q950N soundbar. I've been mostly satisfied with this setup but would like a slightly better TV due to blooming/not so great blacks. It's currently in our Movie/Game room but moving to our living room so I've got an opportunity to replace/upgrade . The room is roughly 19x15 and setup length wise with our couch 12-15' from the TV, and the rear speakers about 2-3' behind the couch. The room is currently bright - too bright to really watch TV mid day, but I do have blackout curtains I'll be hanging this weekend on the main two offending windows. We normally only use this TV 1-2 nights a week for watching movies. Once it gets replaced, and the curtains hung, I'd say we'd use it for movies (via 4k disc) 70% of the time, PS5 20% of the time, and Streaming HDR/SDR from an Apple TV 10% of the time.

I'd really like to go with an 85" just because the 75" feels smalls, but not required. I can probably scoot my couch a bit closer, to make up for the size. Other equipment I'll be using on this TV includes Samsung Q950a soundbar (99% certain), Apple TV (Latest Model), Sony UBP-x800M2 4k Player, PS5, & Nintendo Switch. For streaming, it will always be via the AppleTV and not built in apps just because its easier for my wife and son to use.

After reading reviews and countless threads, the TVs I have it narrowed down to are:
*Samsung 85" QN90a - only concerned about local dimming issues, and lack of Dolby Vision. Not sure if the reviews and complaints of this are exaggerated or not.
*Sony 77" a80j - only negative for me is the size, and potential longevity/burn-in.
*LG 83" C1 - Not sure if its really worth $2300 than 77" Sony. At this price point, I feel like I should just spend an extra $1k and get the Sony A90J. I'm just debating if its really worth spending $7-8k on TV & soundbar that I'll use maybe 6hrs a week. My son uses it more for games, but he's 8 and doesn't really care.
*Lastly, the Sony 85" x91j. Its the cheapest, and probably about the same as my current 900f, just bigger. For $700 more, I think the 77" a80j would be a better choice.

Thoughts, opinions, advice?


I'd go for the Samsung QN90A, especially since you mention you don't like the blooming on your Sony and Samsung tend to a good job at suppressing it. Alternative model would be Sony X95J but expect similar results with blooming.

X90J is an improvement over your current TV, but not a very good choice if you want to use HDR material since it can't get very bright.

Not worth downsizing or paying big bucks for OLED at 77" or 83" yet.


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Take a look at the 2020 Sony KD85XH9096. I bought it for the local dimming in particular, and it has already been surprisingly competent when it comes to HDR too. No obvious blooming or DSE.

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