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Question Advice on 65-75" TV


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Hi all

My 2011 50" plasma is not cutting the mustard anymore! I'm looking some advice on a 65"-75" along with a decent wall mount that can turn as close to 180 as possible (we have a long house and would like to be able to turn the TV both ways), and also a good sound bar to match the TV (ideally mounts to the TV)

Main usage is AppleTV/Plex, with a bit of free to air. I have ethernet at the TV so wireless isn't necessary, plus I don't need the "smart" component as we don't use apps outside of the AppleTV. I understand most higher end come with both of these, but they are not needed.

It needs a thin frame (which most higher end models do), plus I'm looking for good picture quality, an easy interface/remote (kids and wife!), and ideally good viewing angles.

I like the Sony X90F 75, however reviews say that the viewing angles aren't great (I can't really tell!). The LG B8 also look good, but is brightness an issue. I've always been a fan of the Samsung and Panasonic interface/remote but the NU8000 and FX800A seem to get worst reviews from what I can see.

Budget is $2,000-$4,000 (happy to the spend extra to get a significantly better TV), and I'm not in a rush so I can wait until the 2019 model drop and push down the 2018 prices, or get the 2019 if it's worth the extra money.

Thanks in advance for any advice.


See: Which panel type should I choose for my TV?

If going with an LCD and not OLED you'll have to make a decision between the best picture quality in terms of blacks, contrast and how uniform the TV (VA) is compared to better viewing angles (IPS). There is no best of both worlds with LCDs.

LG B8 OLED would give you the best picture quality across board and comes also with the most intuitive smart TV/interface and an LG magic point and squirt remote. Not just that it also supports Dolby Vision that the Apple TV 4 uses.

OLED peak brightness is 3-4 times more than Plasma TVs and if you need wide viewing angles you will not find LCD TVs with IPS panels that get brighter. The only time that OLED brightness may be an issue is if you watch content with a lot of brightness (think skiing, or an Ice Hockey game) in very bright conditions. This is due to ABL which, if a problem to you you would have already noticed more severely on your Plasma.

The C8 at 77" may be out of budget though so you'll have to downsize to get an OLED with that budget.

To get both decent sound integrated from an OLED you need to look at the more premium models such as the LG E8 (integrated soundbar), Panasonic FZ950 (integrated soundbar), Sony AF8/AF9 (integrated accoustic surface) or Philips OLED900 (integrated soundbar, may be called OLED903). More on that here: 2018-2019 OLED Comparison

And also:
LCD versus OLED
Size matters


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Thanks for the fantastic info. I’ve had a look at the links in your post too, and I think that the 65” B8 is the leader for my budget.

Do you have any recommendations for wall mounting? I’d like to be able to turn it both ways, so something sturdy will be necessary. Also, are there sound bars that mount to the bottom of the Tv, or do I have to get an integrated one? I’m happy to get one that I can mount to the wall under the TV if that’s the only other option, as I want to eliminate a floor unit below so I won’t have a shelf for a sound at to sit on.


It uses 300x200mm VESA mounting holes but the holes are towards the bottom of the TV compared to most TVs with the holes central. It can mean that you have to look for mounts that aren't large like many of the universal ones are. You'd want to search for one that has swivel support and also supports 300x200 VESA holes without being too large so it doesn't protrude at the bottom. It is a good idea to buy the TV first, or to be sure you can return any wall mount you buy as you might find some work better than others.

As for the soundbar well it really depends which you get, it may be difficult to get one that supports attaching to the TV, as most are designed to fit to the wall. Maybe something like this: Buy One For All Universal Sound Bar Bracket | Home cinema accessories | Argos

If you can't find a mount to work with a designated soundbar, its an option to get a TV such as the ones I suggested that have above average sound.

EDIT* TV weighs 21kg so you'll want a mount supporting that. I don't think you'll be able to attach the TV with a swivel mount to the wall unless its attached to wood/brick, also if you are integrating your own soundbar you'll need to add the weight of that to the 21kg weight of the TV to make sure its within the weight limit.

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