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Advice on 2ch.x200w amp


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I am well aware of the high quality amps that come with the high quality prices,MF,Arcam,Primare,Lexicon etc...I'm looking for a good quality mid priced amp for my GR-10's.I've asked this question before,I think I just need more input with people who have GR-10's and what you guys use to power them.I also know the more $$$$ I put into them the better they sound,so any help would be nice.

joe perry

you don't need a 200 watt amp to drive those speakers

any well built quality 100 watt amp will drive those speakers

Peter Baker

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I agree with Joe. Don't get hung up on power specs. For example, Naim ams are often 50-70W but outperform most 150W kit.
For cheaper kit at the moment look at Rotel, NAD, Flying Mole or go Chinese


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admittedly it isnt so much the power rating, but the ability to sustain that power via a hefty and well built PSU that matters.........altho a nice clean circuit build will help....

i have a pair of GR10's and spent a fair while trying a few different amps to get the best one i felt for the music i listen to........including an 8 hour session in the demo room at the shop that went till 2am!...lol

i would definitely consider putting an Musical Fidelity A3.5 on your list if you can just about stretch that high.......i went for an A5 in the end due to its built in phono, extra power should i move up to more demanding speakers, oh and the fact they offered me a seriously good discount i'd be nuts to ignore...lol.......but otherwise i would still have gone with an A3.5 over the competition i tried (the Arcam amps ranging from A80 through to FMJ A32, with various biamp combos along the way, Rokan Kandy and Caspian amps, also Primare amps, altho the I31 was a close call, but even if i'd listened to it more i think i'd have stuck with the A5 from MF for a few minor reasons)......

but amps to consider would be Primare I21 (still a fantastic performer even tho not on a par with its bigger brother the I30).......an Arcam A80 with a mind to biamp on a P80 later, or a A90 likewise with a view to biamp.....(they might only be rated 100 watt, but the GR series are not an easy load to power, especially once the volume is up to a decent level.....there is an easily noticable difference between A90 and A90+P90.....or at least to my ears, and no the salesman wasnt charming my ear off, lol, i work in sales so i'm immune to the patter, and besides that he is more interested in the music the guy i was demoing with, seriously good music man, in to all sorts, not a salesman in the slightest......)........consider a Roksan Caspian if you can pick it up cheap as well......the Kandy in my mind altho it had the power in rating, didnt have the control or the definition and resolution i'd expect for these speakers.......bass was a little light too which is a problem as the GR10's need the bass to be spot on due to the slightly high level of treble they have naturally....

there are other amps people have mentioned worth trying as well that i couldnt get to, such as Rega and Cyrus.....altho i think the Cyrus may be considered a little lean.....but the Regas apparently have a nice warmth which tempers the GR10's treble excitement and leaves you with an detailed but relaxing listen......so might be worth a consideration too....

you can spend less and still enjoy them, my Denon 3803 amp still made them sing quite well given that its stereo ability is that of a £300-400 stereo amp at best, but i still enjoyed it....so you can go cheape, or go second hand to get better cheaper....

worthwhile piece of advice, lift the box.......if its very heavy then a good chance of a good solid power setup......which will give them the juice they need and work well......the rest is down to the circuit build as i say and whether its well designed and noise free or busy and interfering....heh


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Thanks for the input,I do have a home audio shop near me,they carry MF,Primare,Parasound,Nad and Denon.I should take my GR-10's there and demo them with some amps.If I went with the A3.5 should stay with the matching processor or can I go with a Denon avr being that I need the other channels for C/RS?Another question is,are Denon avr processors a good match for pre-amping MF or Primare,Parasound.I keep reading how Nad works well with MA due to there raw power.

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