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Hi there. I'm after some general advise please. First off can I just say I am ripping my own Blu Ray discs for 3 reasons:
1) To save on space and not have discs all over the place.
2) For convenience.
3) To downsize from 1080p to 720p which plays better on my setup.

I'm after a simple method of ripping individual TV show episodes off Blu Ray to 720p .mvk format.
At the moment to rip my movies I use DVDFab to do the ripping and then re-encode them using VidCoder, which works well for me. I know I could use DVDFab to do the encoding as well, but for some reason I prefer VidCoder.

But I have a few problems when it comes to TV show blu rays.
First problem is trying to tell which title is an episode and which episode is which in the running order. Can I get that information from any of the files in the blu ray file structure?

Second, the same method I use for my movies doesn't always work for TV show blu rays. I rip the whole disc using DVD fab, and VidCoder (and HandBrake which I've also tried), doesn't find any titles that are long enough to be any of the TV episodes? How come?

Like I say, simplicity is the name of the game here. Can anybody give me some pointers please?

Big thanks,


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