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This is the best forum I have come across offering great advice to ppl ... so here goes

Need guidance to buy the best player in the 100-150 Stg region which will play DVD,CD-R, CD-RW, VCD, SVCD and MP3.

Could someone prioritize the list or even add other choices ?

Samsung S-224
Pioneer DV-350
Toshiba SD220E




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I've just bought the Tosh... and while I can't fault it for picture or sound, there are a few niggles which I don't like, as I got used to them on my old player.

The LCD display is crap. Enough room for 6 characters. When watching a film you can either view time elapsed OR title and chapter number.

If you, like me, prefer to watch the films with time remaining, or have the title and chapter number AND the time gone/remaining on the display at the same time (which you could do with my old and now sold Sony DVP-NS536D) then forget it with the Tosh.

I also found it is a bit slower in loading dvds than my old sony was. If you have a dvd in the drive and you have pressed "stop" or something, pressing the menu button will not take you to the dvd's menu. you have to have it playing first... This is very minor but again just pressing menu while the film was playing, stopped, anywhere, with my old sony used to take you to the menu... was just something I got used to.

Anyway, if it is pic and sound quality you are interested in the Tosh does good.
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