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Please help, I have just bought a Sanyo CE27LD6 27" LCD TV for my mother and we are very happy with the TV; but after paying for the TV and just before I took it away I asked the members of staff if there was any advice or things to watch out for when owning an LCD TV and one chap said -
"Just make sure that the screen does not get hit because the front of the TV is a very thin layer of glass and it can get easily cracked"
and then proceeded to show me a couple of TV's that had lots of cracks all over them after being stuck in one place. This advice did not register too much with me at the time but during my car journey home I realised that my one year old son hits our CRT TV with toys all the time. I am now a bit concerned!!!!!
I have now been informed that the TV's that the chap kindly showed me were in fact Plasma TV's and not LCD's and that LCD's do not have a thin glass layer upon their front but instead have a plastic surface layer. Can anyone confirm this information? I intend to keep our little tike away from my mothers TV whilst visiting her by putting an obstacle in his way whilst visiting but just how robust are LCD screens? I don't expect them to take a powerful hit but would touching the screen or mild hits (toddler strength!) cause damage or is my mother better with a CRT TV until our little one is a bit older.
Anyone have any views upon this??

Thanks!!! :)


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As long as you are not punching it full on or throwing a Wiimote into it you are fine.

I knee'd mine quite hard while leaning over to adjust a cable, and its fine.

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