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    hi my 2nd philips 42pf9964 has been taken back because of a problem
    i have been given a the options from nexnix weather to have a new philips or choose a different make?
    they stock most makes of plasma`s
    the ones i am intrested in are the panny 42 silver
    or the tosh 42 silver. ive been told these are the same but there is a £500 differance.
    can some one share there thoughts on these 2 plasma`s bad and good and how i should hook them up
    i have an ntl digi box. will be getting a new dvd player hopefully with component video
    so ntl to plasma via john sim rgb to vga
    dvd through component video
    can some one confirm what imputs are on these plasma`s?

    i saw a keene synkblaster rgb to vga lead how do these compare to john sim boxes
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    May 17, 2002
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    Portsmouth, UK
    From what I was told the Toshiba is a re-badged panasonic, identical in every way except the badge on the front and the Tosh only comes in Silver. In my opinion these plasmas offer outstanding picture quality, I am VERY happy with mine.

    They come with three sets of inputs:
    PC Input (15 pin connector)
    AV - this can either be single composite OR S-Video, you cannot use both at the same time - connecting s-vid disables the composite input.
    Component inputs - which can be R/G/B H-Sync V-Sync or the Pr Pb Y type.

    The component and composite inputs are usually phono connectors but I have seen some advertised with BNC connectors so best check before ordering.

    John Sim is currently about to release a new box of tricks that converts an RGB signal to component, so if you don't want to buy a new DVD player you could use this (once its available) to connect a DVD player that does not have component output to the component inputs of the Plasma.

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