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Advice Needed


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New to the forums and after a bit of advice.
Recently upgraded from a Sonos system to the following.( appologies, may be Australian Model info)
( See attached Image, I also angled the upfiring speakers to point a bit more forward)

First Stage
Marantz 1609 Amp
Klipsch Reference Home Thetre 5.1( Quintet 5)
Klipsch Sub R100-SW

Added the following after needing to scratch an itch
Klipsch R51m Bookshelves.
Klipsch R52C Centre

I'm now looking at what I can do moving forward.
I re-purposed the fronts as Atmos speakers and this works reasonable well I believe.

I've been given What I believe is a a good price on the RP 5000's ( $1400 OR US$989) for Australia
But am torn, I listened to the Kef Q350 which I can get for (AU899 or US $635) and liked these, but didn't test them with Movies instore, only Music.
My split is approx 90% movies and 10% audio.
I'm happy with the way the system currently sounds, but as with most things there is never 100% happiness, only new toys to play with.

So I guess my question is for AU $1400 US989 what should I be doing?


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I would first look at repositioning your front 3 speakers as you are not getting the best from them in their current positions. The L/R speakers should be on stands and further away from the TV (and centre) to give a wider front soundstage and some sound separation and the centre will not be sounding its best in the cabinet like that either. I suspect you will get a good improvement in sound with these changes for the cost of a couple of stands or speaker brackets.
If you are looking at new speakers then you want the front 3 to be the same make and model ideally so the Klipsch would be the best option unless you intend on getting a Kef centre as well. On a side note, if a speaker works well in a stereo configuration for music then it is going to work well in a well match HT system as well.


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Thanks, didn’t even think of repositioning the fronts, makes soo much sense.
I guess i’ve Been avoiding buying speaker stands as I have a 2 year old who likes to swing on things.
Interesting about the centre speaker, how should I go about positioning this? Do I need a new tv cabinet?


Follow the advice for the positioning of the left and right, always will be better further apart, but stands are always going to be a particular problem with little 'uns in the house.

All my speakers are on a cabinet. It's certainly longer than yours, but not by much and I had to come up with my own design for the centre as I didn't want to mount the TV on the wall. So, option one would be to wall mount your TV and place the centre on the cabinet's top.

You could then experiment with all the speakers on the cabinet. Good isolation feet are a must and the positional changes I would also make is to be bring all the speakers forward so that the fronts are sitting proud of the cabinet edge by about 30cm.

My set up below:


Novice Member
Thanks for the advice.
Have moved the speakers and already a massive difference.
Also put the feet on the speakers which made a difference, go figure :)
I wish I could wall mount the tv, but it’s a rental and we are moving quite soon, so not really worth the effort.
I’ll definitely pull the centre out a bit too.
I’m on the fence about the floor standing speakers, wondering if I should beef up the centre channel a bit more, but this would require a cabinet change and wife approval.
Another option is upgrade the amp for 9-11 channel as the atoms stuff has been pretty nice but I can’t help but feel 5.1.4 would be nice.
Soo many options!


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Stands are not as unstable as some think they are as they will have quite a wide base. You could also tie them into the wall with a tether to stop them falling. Maybe in you new place you could get some wall brackets for the speakers instead so that thay can not be toppled by your 2 year old. I have had my rear speakers in 1.6m stands since my 2 have been babies (now 8 and 12) with no issues on them being toppled etc.


The feet have isolated the speakers from the cabinet, it's probably cut off the resonance that standing speakers on a cabinet can have, especially if the cabinet's carcass is of a lightweight build. It's a good step forward.

I wouldn't bother with a new centre speaker until you can get it away from being placed inside the cabinet, the problem here is a box within a box. Bring it forward as far as you dare.


Novice Member
Thanks for all the fantastic advice.
I’ve moved the speakers onto some counter chairs and this made a massive difference, along with the feet and pulling the centre out i’m Much happier.
See photo( escuse the pink light)

I need to run audessey again to set some
Levels but I think I currently have it how I want it. Will be interesting.
Tomorrow job will be some speaker stands for the rear speakers, going to have to be a diy job as very limited space and can really only get away with an L Shaped stand and mounting wall brackets onto this.
Been eyeing off a set of floor speakers as music has taken on a whole new meaning.
Sometimes I wish I lived in the US, the crazy prices we have to pay for stuff in AU is frustrating.
Any recommendations for a cheap stereo amp, I think my Marantz 1609 has Preouts for Front’s

Thanks again!!


Buy some good stands, although you've had an improvement those stools will still vibrate. Good stands will give a big improvement.


Novice Member
Planning on getting some towers soon so those bookshelves will become rears.
Wife will only tolerate the chairs being used for a week at max ;)


Fair enough.:smashin:

What floorstanders are you thinking about, don't be tempted to go for the really big ones as the bass may prove to be a problem if you're going to stick with that positioning. You've mentioned KEF Q350s and the Q550s would make good partners for the Marantz, which is a fairly good choice for music as well as film in a one box solution.

Adding a stereo amp to make the most of music will require you to get either an amp with HT by-pass which can be expensive, they start at around £1000 here in the UK and my Rega cost £1750. The cheaper alternative is to get a standard stereo amp and employ a speaker switcher such as the Beresford 2770, if that is available in Oz. I can't check for you as their site is a little moody.


Novice Member
Am thinking the klipsch rp5000, which I can get for 1500au likes the sound vs the 8000’s.
Much tighter bass and I feel these may play better with the klipsch centre/sub.
Many options and trying not to go overboard as most hobbies for me tend to be more about the gear and less about the enjoyment of the gear( techhead)
The kef speakers are pretty pricy here, possibly due to import taxes/lower volume sales
What are your thoughts on heights vs atmos for front.
Thinking of making some stands for the tv cabinet to put the fronts up near the ceiling( no wall mounting due to rental unfortunalty)

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