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I have obtained a screen which is 6ft 8 incehs wide. From where i would like to have the projector to the screen is 14 feet.

According to the calculators i have found the AE300 would produce an image two big at this distance whereas the hitachi pj-tx10 would be ok.

I rather fancied the ae300, is there any way around this problem or should i try the hitachi?


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Best to buy the equipment you want and not to compromise yourself with second best.
I would normally advise you to choose the screen size in relation to your viewing distance.
Typically most people sit between 1.5x and 2x screen widths distance from the screen.
Are you locked into 14 feet or could you move the projector or screen forward ?


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Well, i am keeping the plasma and pulling the screen down over it. If it stays where i originally wanted it you won't notice it much when rolled up.

As for the PJ 14ft would place it behind the sofa. According to the calculator 9.5ft is poss and this would place it on the coffee table. I only worry that i shouldn't/couldn't tilt it that much

any thoughts on the tilt issue?

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