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Morning All,

Having just ordered a 28ZT29, I'm looking at some advice on connecting up all my components to it. The only problem is, I have gone well over budget on my television purchase already, so really need to limit the costs of cables. :blush:

The components I need to connect up to my new tele are:
Toshiba SD330
Sony VCR

Through my current 14" (I know...) I currently use RF cables for my VCR :rolleyes: , default scart lead that comes with the Xbox and a cheap scart for the DVD player.

Now I'm looking at using component for video on my DVD along with a Coaxial cable for audio purposes. Component wise I was looking at either:
3x phono ~ phono Van Damme 75 ofc video leads - VCD
RGB Component Video Leads - CPC

Coaxial Audio wise something along the lines of:

For the xbox, I think the Official Xbox Advanced Scart Cable combined with an optical cable I have lying around would be the works.

For the VCR, would I be right in thinking that using the cheap Scart cable I already have would be perfectly adequate?

Any advice is most welcome, but please be gentle as my knowledge of this area is very limited. :D


I would get the cheapest thing you possibly could then change them when you have a bit more cash to do it properly.

When you do Ixos now do uprated console cables, i'm pretty sure that includes the X-box


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Thanks for the advice bobbypunk. :smashin:

The only problem is I can't seem to find any IXOS cables which output both RGB scart, as well as having an optical out for 5.1 sound. Do you know of if IXOS currently sell a cable that is capable of this?

Ian J

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I don't think that anybody sells a cable that combines scart and a digital connection. You will need two cables for that


no ixos don't make one for both just for picture, don't know of anyone doing one either, you may have to stick to microsoft's own cable @ about £20

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