Advice needed with hmdi cable


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i have a 5m hdmi cable which does not work at all with my sony bdp-s360 blu ray player, but the same hdmi cable works perfectly with my xbox360 connected to the same tv (samsung 24b450).

the blu ray player works fine with my 1.5m hdmi cables but because of space need to use a 5m cable.

now is the 5m cable faulty? (if so why does it work fine with xbox?

or is it not compatible with the 2 different blu ray players i've tried it on and do i need to stick with a shorter cable?


Ask yourself the following. What is the output resolution of the XBox? And what is the output resolution of the Sony BD player? Is the Sony set higher than the XBox. Perhaps the cable is not able to pass the HDCP info at the required resolution, in which cae you'll get no picture. Try knocking the resolution on the BD player down to 576i and see if it works... You may just have to go get a shorter and or better quality cable.


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thanks for the reply. sorry i'm a real novice when it comes to the technical stuff!

anyway the 5m cable is now working ok at 720p resolution (i had it at 1080p when it didnt work). like i said earlier the 1.5m and 5m cables are both same manufacturer but one works at 1080p and one doesnt. thats what confused me.

the tv i'm using is a samsung le26b450 26in lcd tv. is it worth getting another better quality cable to go 1080p on this tv with the blu ray player or will i probably not really notice much difference?

i'm not even sure if the samsung tv is 720p or 1080p. i just know its hd ready not full hd. (like i say i'm a novice!).

any help is much appreciated.


stay with 720P.. as you say.. you can't be sure the TV is 1080P and it probably isn't...

With that screen size you'll not notice much difference anyway.

Good luck and enjoy


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I have a 40" Samsung LCD from that series.

I'm afraid the best you'll get is 1080i. It doesn't do 1080p.

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